Three Times the Homework

Recently our oldest muppet has had homework at least once a week. Normally this includes a book that he has to read to us and then a project related to the book but it is never the same thing. Last week he brought home the “Spider Bag” and we had to sort spiders in to sizes and colours and do addition and subtraction with the spiders. The middle muppet has homework once a week as well however his is not as fun as his big brothers. He has to trace letters and numbers, so when we sit down to do home work he not only wants to do his home work but the older muppets as well!

This week the oldest muppet brought home the “Frog Bag” he had a story to read about a little green frog and then we had to make a puppet. All three of them wanted in on this homework! Since the teacher only provided materials for one child Mummy had to get creative again.

Everyone coloured, cut and glued away the afternoon and we ended up with three frog puppets and did a puppet show about the frogs going to school and having lunch.

I am starting to get used to doing three times the homework but I wonder if they will be so keen on doing each others homework as they get older. I can’t imagine the middle muppet going to pieces because he doesn’t get to do his older brothers trigonometry!


Jungle Adventures

My children are creatures of habit as most children their age are. During the week the same question is asked by the middle muppet “Do we have school today Mum?” the youngest normally asks the same question about two seconds after because he feels the need to be heard as well. Thankfully I only have to answer this question twice because the oldest muppet is able to tell the days of the week and he knows when the weekend hits.

On the weekend it is a different story, we have no routine, the kids stay in their pj’s for as long as they want, they get to play and watch TV at their leisure and I usually get to ask the question “What should we do today?” Normal answers include, riding bikes, go to the park, play Wii. But today the youngest muppet said “Wanna go to the jungle mama.” He had it all planned out as he explained to me that we could go to the airport with our backpacks and take an airplane to the jungle. He had to go and see the elephants!

I explained to him that we couldn’t go to the jungle today, that it was a long trip and Daddy was working and might be mad if we went with out him. The tears began to flow and from what I could make out in between sobs was that we had to go to the jungle today, because the elephants were his friends and would be mad if we didn’t go! Obviously I was going to have to come up with something quick because I really didn’t need the elephants and a 3 year old angry with me.

After calming him down and convincing him that we would need a bath before we went to jungle I figured that I was either going to have to create a jungle in the house or else book a flight to the Amazon. I opted for the first choice and took out every stuffed animal that we have in the house and set them up in the bedroom. The zebras, monkey’s, lions, tigers and of course elephants waited for him when he got out of the bath. We all jumped on the bed (airplane) and flew to the jungle.

We had a party with all the animals, and the elephants were very happy that we could come and play. It was time to make lunch so mummy had to leave the jungle and head to the kitchen but as I was walking out the bedroom door Rowan say’s to me  “Thank you Mummy for taking me to the jungle today.”

I am sure that he will not remember that trip but I defiantly will.

Independence Day

This week the oldest muppet gained a little bit of independence. It started last week when I had to rush to a dentist appointment in the morning with the middle muppet. I usually walk him to his classroom but I asked him if he could go in to the school on his own today so that I would have enough time to get to the appointment. He was hesitant at first but said that he could. So I walked him to the gate, gave him a high five and watched him walk in with his little friend, he stopped and waved goodbye at the door with a proud smile on his face. I had a feeling that I wasn’t going to be walking him in to the classroom anymore.

He had the weekend to forget about this new found independence so this morning as usual I grabbed my ID badge to walk him in to school and he said “Mom I wanna go in my self ok?” Well my face must have looked hurt when I said “Really?” because he quickly told me that I could come in if I wanted to. I figured I really didn’t need to be “that mom” who guilted her child in to things, well not today anyways so I perked up and told him no problem.

We walked to the gate and he gave me a high five and walked in to the school chatting away to his friends, saying hi to the principle, there was no wave good bye when he reached the door today, he was in his own world now.

It makes you happy and sad as a parent when they gain these little snippets of independence. I know that this is just the beginning, there will be many more things that I will have to let go of in the future but I will try to hold on as long as I can! At least I have two more muppets left to walk in to school.

Girly Girl

I am a girly girl with 3 boys who are complete boys. Play in the mud, jump in puddles, fart in each others faces boys. Growing up I played with Barbies, my sister and I dressed up our dog in baby clothes and we played house. My mother would drop me off at my cousins house in a pretty pink dress and my hair all in curls and my aunt would send me up stairs to my cousins room to find something to “play” in. I remember chasing them through farmers fields on a bike which was too big for me and I am pretty sure had no brakes! I would come back to the house completely disheveled.

Today I was asked to make paper airplanes, the ones that I have attempted to make before don’t fly at all because lets face it I am hopeless at that sort of thing. I can create a solar system from papier-mâché but paper airplanes are my nemesis! So I looked online for help and found an amazing site with tutorials for those of us who lack the proper paper airplane making skills. After making the boys “The Stealth”and “The Moth” we put them to the ultimate test! They flew! And not only that but they flew well! The smile on my oldest muppets face when he saw that plane fly all the way across the room made me so happy and proud of my simple accomplishment and my mad skills!

I am a girly girl but I am learning the ways of boys. At some point  I will not close my eyes when someone throws a ball at me, not cringe when one of them brings me a dirty ugly worm, and laugh with them when they fart in each others faces… well maybe not that one.

If you need help in the paper airplane making department here is the website!

The Sixth Member of the Wilson Family

It is not well known but there are actually six members of the Wilson family. He is green, cold blooded and lives in our guest bathtub! The muppets have named him Kung Fu Panda but don’t be fooled he is a turtle.

We inherited the Turtle formally known as Turtley last June when friends of ours moved back to Canada. He swims in the tub most of the time but also likes to walk around our villa, a great way to get the kids off your back for a few minutes is to tell them to play a game of find the turtle.

Last week while we were watching the turtle swim in the tub, our smallest muppet noticed something floating in the bottom of the water. It was a piece of Kung Fu Panda’s shell. Everyone was suddenly panicking around me, “Mum we need to see if he is ok!” cried the oldest muppet. “He needs band-aid Mama” said the youngest. Even after trying to explain to them that he was ok and that it was normal for him to loose small pieces of his shell they wouldn’t stop worrying about him.

I went down to the kitchen where we keep the first aid kid and brought it back up to the bathroom where all three children sat looking devastated. I took the turtle out of the tub and dried him off with a towel and we began our examination. The oldest was happy to find no blood and Kung Fu’s shell seemed to be intact. He took a snap at the middle muppet because he insists on putting is fingers near his mouth so he seemed to be is normal turtle self. The youngest wasn’t convinced though and he was very adamant that he would not be better until he had a band-aid.

After going through the first aid kit to find just the right band-aid we placed it on the turtles shell. Instant relief washed over the smallest muppets face and he said to me “Tank you for fixing Kun Panda Mama”

The sixth and smallest member of the Wilson household is recovering from his traumatic first aid experience and is happy to be back in his quiet bath tub once again.