The Sixth Member of the Wilson Family

It is not well known but there are actually six members of the Wilson family. He is green, cold blooded and lives in our guest bathtub! The muppets have named him Kung Fu Panda but don’t be fooled he is a turtle.

We inherited the Turtle formally known as Turtley last June when friends of ours moved back to Canada. He swims in the tub most of the time but also likes to walk around our villa, a great way to get the kids off your back for a few minutes is to tell them to play a game of find the turtle.

Last week while we were watching the turtle swim in the tub, our smallest muppet noticed something floating in the bottom of the water. It was a piece of Kung Fu Panda’s shell. Everyone was suddenly panicking around me, “Mum we need to see if he is ok!” cried the oldest muppet. “He needs band-aid Mama” said the youngest. Even after trying to explain to them that he was ok and that it was normal for him to loose small pieces of his shell they wouldn’t stop worrying about him.

I went down to the kitchen where we keep the first aid kid and brought it back up to the bathroom where all three children sat looking devastated. I took the turtle out of the tub and dried him off with a towel and we began our examination. The oldest was happy to find no blood and Kung Fu’s shell seemed to be intact. He took a snap at the middle muppet because he insists on putting is fingers near his mouth so he seemed to be is normal turtle self. The youngest wasn’t convinced though and he was very adamant that he would not be better until he had a band-aid.

After going through the first aid kit to find just the right band-aid we placed it on the turtles shell. Instant relief washed over the smallest muppets face and he said to me “Tank you for fixing Kun Panda Mama”

The sixth and smallest member of the Wilson household is recovering from his traumatic first aid experience and is happy to be back in his quiet bath tub once again.


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