Girly Girl

I am a girly girl with 3 boys who are complete boys. Play in the mud, jump in puddles, fart in each others faces boys. Growing up I played with Barbies, my sister and I dressed up our dog in baby clothes and we played house. My mother would drop me off at my cousins house in a pretty pink dress and my hair all in curls and my aunt would send me up stairs to my cousins room to find something to “play” in. I remember chasing them through farmers fields on a bike which was too big for me and I am pretty sure had no brakes! I would come back to the house completely disheveled.

Today I was asked to make paper airplanes, the ones that I have attempted to make before don’t fly at all because lets face it I am hopeless at that sort of thing. I can create a solar system from papier-mâché but paper airplanes are my nemesis! So I looked online for help and found an amazing site with tutorials for those of us who lack the proper paper airplane making skills. After making the boys “The Stealth”and “The Moth” we put them to the ultimate test! They flew! And not only that but they flew well! The smile on my oldest muppets face when he saw that plane fly all the way across the room made me so happy and proud of my simple accomplishment and my mad skills!

I am a girly girl but I am learning the ways of boys. At some point  I will not close my eyes when someone throws a ball at me, not cringe when one of them brings me a dirty ugly worm, and laugh with them when they fart in each others faces… well maybe not that one.

If you need help in the paper airplane making department here is the website!


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  1. I will always think of you as the most elegant, sophisticated young woman I’ve ever met! I suspect that it had a lot to do with dance, but I can remember wishing that I’d had your poise at such a young age. I’m glad you found 10paperairplanes – Paul loved trying to get Mya to fly them last summer (maybe next summer, Paul). Those muppets of yours may be able to transform you into a decent catcher, but that “girly girl” will always be just under the surface. ❤

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