Three Times the Homework

Recently our oldest muppet has had homework at least once a week. Normally this includes a book that he has to read to us and then a project related to the book but it is never the same thing. Last week he brought home the “Spider Bag” and we had to sort spiders in to sizes and colours and do addition and subtraction with the spiders. The middle muppet has homework once a week as well however his is not as fun as his big brothers. He has to trace letters and numbers, so when we sit down to do home work he not only wants to do his home work but the older muppets as well!

This week the oldest muppet brought home the “Frog Bag” he had a story to read about a little green frog and then we had to make a puppet. All three of them wanted in on this homework! Since the teacher only provided materials for one child Mummy had to get creative again.

Everyone coloured, cut and glued away the afternoon and we ended up with three frog puppets and did a puppet show about the frogs going to school and having lunch.

I am starting to get used to doing three times the homework but I wonder if they will be so keen on doing each others homework as they get older. I can’t imagine the middle muppet going to pieces because he doesn’t get to do his older brothers trigonometry!


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