Accident Prone

To wrap up our fun week off school we planned to attend a Family Fun Day with Dave’s company. It is always a great time with bouncy castles, lots of games and food. We arrived and said our hellos, the two older muppets were already making a b-line to the bouncy slide that they had set up. The youngest however had something else in mind. He had discovered face painting at the oldest muppets halloween carnival and that is all he wanted to do. He wanted to be Spiderman!

The other two muppets would have never waited in line as patiently as he did, nor would they have sat on my lap so still while getting the face painting done. He was so excited when I showed him the photo on my phone of his painted face. We quickly walked over to the bouncy slide to show his brothers and Daddy. After the quick admiration that his brothers gave him he followed them up to the top of the slide to join in the fun.  After a few minutes of fun the slide started to get busy. We could see that the youngest muppets was being trampled on by all the big kids who had decided to pack the slide.

We made a quick decision to go and find some snacks. The smallest muppet was whining and crying and I could not figure out what was wrong, I figured he was tired  and hungry or both. I soon noticed that he was holding his arm and every time I moved him and his arm moved he cried. He wouldn’t let us touch it or look at it, I kept on thinking back to the first time I had met my mother in law and how she had told me to be prepared to take a few emergency trips to the hospital with her son and how many times he had managed to break his arm.

I left the Family Fun Day with the smallest muppet in tears, and trying to convince me he didn’t need to see a doctor, and that the dentist was sleeping. I had prepared myself for the worst, that I would be spending hours at the hospital doing x-rays, a cast, and possibly surgery, I tried to control my panic as I brought my wailing child in to the clinic and asked to see a doctor. I am sure my white faced appearance and my child’s loud cry is what bumped us to the top of the list and we were brought to a doctor almost immediately.

As the cries subsided, the doctor started examining his arm and concluded very quickly that it was not broken and that there was no fracture, his elbow was jammed and had to be unjammed (yes these were her exact words). She said it was simple that she would manipulate the arm and release the tendon and all would be right again in the world. I could not help but think back to episodes of Greys Anatomy when I watch the doctors put someones dislocated shoulder back in place and I started to feel uneasy. I sat my littlest boy on my lap and prepared for the scream that would tear both my heart and my ear drums but before I even took a breath she was done.

She asked him to move his arm and shake her hand but he would not, so she pulled out a lolly and asked him to grab it with his hand. There was no hesitation as he reached for the candy with lightning reflexes. He smiled and me after and said “Wook mama all better”. We left the hospital with no cast, no x-rays and no prescription!

We arrived back at the Family Fun Day his brothers so happy that he was alright and both surprised and I think a little disappointed that he did not have a cast on. We enjoyed the rest of our day and I tried really hard not to be crazy over protective mom but that didn’t really work out too well.

I know having three boys I will have my fair share of broken bones, sprains and stitches. I am prepared for it, I know that it is coming but I am very glad that we were able to escape all of the above today!


Half Term Breakdown


It is half term break for the middle muppet and the smallest muppet.  This means that they have a week off school while the oldest groans and whines about having to go to school and how life is so unfair! I get it and agree with him but he still has to go to school.

Yesterday we had a great time shopping for a new bike for Rowan and exploring the market here in Doha, they got to have doughnuts and it was a really nice day. Today I took them for shots! I should have known that this would set the tone for the rest of the day but I told the little voice in my head if we get it over with quickly in the morning that there would be time for more fun. The little voice is chuckling at me now and saying I told you so!

The middle muppet gave the youngest a pep talk on the way to the doctor about how the needle would just be a little pinch and if he was very brave it would only hurt a little and he would get ice-cream. A little bit unsure the youngest agreed and I am sure that he figured if ice-cream was involved it really can’t be that bad. I thought I would let the middle one go first, with all the talk he had given before I figured he would be brave and not scream or cry and scare the youngest. He was so happy sitting on the doctors table laughing and telling me jokes and then it all went horribly wrong! He went in to panic mode having a full on freak out and it took myself, two female nurses and a male nurse to hold him down and give him two shots.

The youngest muppet sat in the chair across from me with a look of horror on his face and all I said to him was your next. Surprisingly there were no tears until the second shot which was in the leg and I left the clinic with one crying child and the middle one muttering behind me that this had been the worst vacation day ever.

We went for ice-cream which put smiles back on their little faces and me back in their good books. I am so happy that Dairy Queen has the sense to serve ice-cream at 9 o’clock in the morning here! With bellies full of soft serve I figured that I had enough time to grab a few things from the grocery store. As I walked up and down the isles I felt the mood of the middle muppet shift, he was now in “I want” mode. Everything that we passed on the shelves was “I want” and he was slowly heading towards a melt down, and we were not going to make it out of the store in time.

I left the mall with a screaming four year old and for those of you who don’t know the middle one he is louder then anyone you have ever met! I calmly walked through the car park trying to ignore the stares of disapproving onlookers. Just as I was approaching the truck I was stopped by a friend who I hadn’t seen in a while. She greeted me with a hug and said in my ear “This was me last week, I could have used a hug!” She was right I defiantly needed the hug. After a short drive home, a hot bath followed by their favourite lunch and some Advil everyone is happy and calm.

I asked the middle one if his vacation day was ok now and he said that if we got to make Jello then it would be a good day again, but it would have to be strawberry. I agreed that strawberry jello will make any day in to a better day. I think that the next time I see that mother with the screaming child walking out of the mall or doctors office I will make sure to smile at her just to let her know she is not alone, because it will more then likely be me next time.

Happy Valentines Day

Valentines Day is quickly approaching, we have made all our cards this year since this isn’t a holiday that they celebrate here. At the American School where the oldest muppet attends they are having a party and everyone is bringing a small treat for each person in the class, so I had to make them for the other two muppets as well even though their school isn’t really doing anything this year.

There has been a lot of talk about boyfriends and girlfriends lately in our house. The youngest muppets has a lot of “girls” as he calls them he told me the other day that one of the little girls in his class was as he put it “my girl”. I am sure that the three year old girl finds it endearing now, however I am going to have to train him up a little because in a few years he will be receiving a smack in the face!

The other night as we were getting ready for bed, the oldest walks in to the room saying “Ryder has a girl friend, Ryder has a girlfriend.” Now I am sure that this kind of taunting would bother a six year old boy maybe even a five year old however it has no effect on a four year old at all. “Yes I do!” he says proudly and continues to tell us her name and where she is from, which is Italy however he says my belly and everyone laughs… he is very pleased with himself.

The oldest tells us that he is never, never, never ever going to have a girlfriend, or get married because he doesn’t want to kiss a girl or leave the family. His father quickly lets him know that he is stuck with this family for the rest of his life but he will be out of the house when he is 18!

I am sure he will rethink the girlfriend thing at some point in his life.

Hungry Hungry Muppets

On the weekend my children eat me out of house and home. Maybe I am not feeding them enough during the week and they are making up for it but they eat non stop and by the end of the weekend they are scrounging for crumbs in the cupboards. When I hand out food for snacks it is like doling out rations at war time, there is a riot in my kitchen and if one of them gets just a little bit more then the other all hell breaks loose!

Most days I will feed them before I go to the playground just for the simple fact that if I bring a snack to the park I have to make sure to bring enough for at least six children because they seem to sniff you out if you have food like a pack of wild wolves. My children are no different they gravitate towards the person with food and they will eat whatever is given to them even if it is something that they would NEVER eat at home. It is like a survival instinct takes over… I know there is food here but I don’t know how much and if I will be fed anytime soon so I should just eat as much as I possibly can right now!

Even after ravaging any food found in the playground they come home and eat a four course meal followed by a bowl of popcorn and three apples. We are going to have to move someplace with a Costco or another store that sells food by the case when they are teenagers or else it will be never-ending trips to the super market for me!