Boys and Noise

We are trying to teach the boys that when they wake up that they can quietly go down stairs and watch television until we wake up and come downstairs. I don’t think quietly is a word that my children understand.

The middle muppet sings on his way down the stairs, which echos through the whole house because it is made of cement and tile. He is completely oblivious to this fact and is so happy singing that you really don’t want to get mad at him for waking up the rest of the household with his sweet song.

Once downstairs there might 10 maybe 15 mins of quiet and then they start racing cars which requires sound effects (the smallest muppet happily provides those) Soon after there is a fight about one thing or another, yelling, crying and screaming fill the house and I am sure wake the neighbours. Now I am required to go down stairs and break up the fight. They all decide to play with something different, one watching television, the other playing cars, the oldest playing Lego. At this point you might think that you can get another few minutes of sleep… Wrong!

There is now a full blown soccer game going on in my house, balls are being kicked agains the door, the youngest is screaming “GOAL!!!” at the top of his lungs, the other two are laughing hysterically as they chase each other around the house trying to steal the ball form the other. The sun is now up and soon they will be wanting breakfast so I reluctantly get out of bed. So much for a nice quiet morning!

I think there is a reason Boys and Noise rhyme!


Handy Mummy?

The oldest muppet brought out his Homework bag tonight he had dragged it from the front door and it looked heavy. I knew that this could not be a good sign. “I brought the Tool Bag home mum” he said with a smile “We get to build stuff!!” The little voice inside my head groaned… why did he have to bring home the Tool Bag on the day that Daddy was working.

We got to work he pulled out all the tools and materials while I read the instructions. Parent and Child were suppose to experiment with the tools (a hammer and a screw driver) then draw a picture of what we do when something needs to be fixed in our house. I figured that he would want to play with the tools first so we took them out to the back garden. He wanted me to build a building with 5 totally different pieces of wood, a few nails and screws. I told him that before we build anything perhaps we should learn how to use the tools first.

Now I am the wrong person to be teaching my son to use tools, I use a kitchen knife to unscrew things on a regular basis and if you ask me to hand you a Phillips Screwdriver I will ask you who Phillip is and when you are going to return his screwdriver. Never the less I was able to show him how to hold the nail and then gently hammer it in to the wood, I knocked my thumb twice in the process and was scolded by my child but I did it!  “Careful Mum that’s a real hammer you know!”

The screwdriver was another story because I honestly don’t know how the other parents got the screws in to the wood with out a power drill! After all our experimenting was done we moved on to the next project. We had to draw a picture of what we do when something in our house needs fixing. He sat for a about 5 minutes thinking about it and then said to me “So should I draw a picture of you and Dad calling Melwin?” I nearly fell off my chair laughing.

Melwin is one of the maintenance workers on our compound who does a lot of odd jobs for us and our neighbours for extra cash. And in truth when something is not working or needs to be fixed in our villa we call the maintenance people and they come and fix it. So he was answering the question correctly, but he decided that would be a pretty boring picture and instead decided to draw a picture of his brothers and father building a house (notice how I was not present in this picture)

I will never claim to be Handy Mummy!

Water Babies

My children are water babies, they will spend hours playing in the bath tub and love going to the swimming pool and the beach. We live in the perfect country for that and are lucky enough to have a beautiful pool in our compound. The weather out here has been funny and hasn’t warmed up enough to be in the pool until last week. The kids were so happy to be back in the water again.

The smallest muppet learned to swim last summer. He was able to swim under water but did not know how to come up for air. By the end of fall he had figured it out and was doing really well. I was curious to see if he would remember how to swim since we had been out of the pool for six months. But after almost downing once he remembered how to keep his head above water.

In the past week he has gone from doggy paddling around the shallow end to swimming almost the entire length of the pool. I amaze at his endurance as I watch from the side of the pool ready to dive in when he decides that he has had enough and starts to drown. It is pretty funny to see someone of his size swimming around the pool. The youngest muppet is our extreme child, our daredevil and the one that will probably break the most bones. He never backs down from a challenge and he is three years old. We are in trouble!

Boy Proofing

When the oldest muppet started to crawl everyone around us told us that we better start “baby proofing” I hid away valuables, put locks on cupboards, the fridge and the toilet (much to my husbands dismay) We put baby gates everywhere and I would invite my girlfriends twins over who were nine months older then the oldest muppet to see if my baby proofing was successful. They proved me wrong on many occasions, always finding something to get in to that I had not thought about yet. By the time we got to the third muppet we had it pretty much perfected. I would walk in to my mother in laws house after two hours on the road and put away all of her breakable ornaments from the low places, hide the television remotes and portable phones then I would let the kids enter the house.

I was excited when we moved to Doha that we were kind of past that stage, however I still had to watch the smallest muppet because he found the light sockets irresistible and the bidet fascinating. We did not need baby gates anymore and for the most part my children could be trusted in a room with breakable objects. I was excited and started to put out more things and decorating.

My decorating dreams were shattered quickly with the sound of a picture frame hitting the tile floor. The oldest muppet came down the stairs in tears, he had broken one of the frames in his room. He explained to me the events leading up to the unfortunate accident and begged for my forgiveness. “We were just throwing things around Mom and we hit the frame” he said to me. I tried to explain that throwing things in the house is not a really great idea and that more things would break if he continued his game. “Nothing is fun if we can’t throw things!” he pouted and stormed off to his room where I am sure he continued to throw things around.

Dave took me aside and said maybe I should put some stuff away that I really didn’t want broken because it was only going to get worse. “Boys break stuff” he explained “It’s just what they do.” I then had a flash back to when I was ten years old and my mother telling me my cousins was coming for a visit and anything that I didn’t want broken I should put away or hide. Now you would think that I had a lot of boy cousins the way that my mother talked. There was only one and he had the midas touch but instead of turning things to gold things just fell apart. I always used to give him a hard time about it until I had boys and realized that he was totally normal and that boys did just that break everything!

So I will boy proof my house and maybe when they are all grown up and moved out I can put out the nice vases and decorations. Until they have children of their own of course.

Camping Adventure

On the weekend the Wilson family went camping in the desert for the first time. We have camped quite a bit with our muppets in different environments. From the luxury tents in Tanzania to our cozy trailer in British Columbia we have had many wonderful adventures.

The truck was packed with all of our newly bought camping equipment, beach toys, pillows and enough food to last us three days instead of just one. We followed a caravan of friends out towards the camping spot, but as we headed further out of town the temperature got cooler and the wind got stronger. We started thinking that maybe it wasn’t the best weather to be camping in. We arrived on the beach and got out to assess the situation, it was really windy. There were a few other families already setting up their camps and we figured if we could use the truck to block out the wind, besides it was only one night and we didn’t want to disappoint the kids so we proceeded to set up our two little tents.

The muppets didn’t seem to mind the crazy wind blowing and played with all the other kids. It was really turning in to a wonderful afternoon despite the weather, but then 5:00 o’clock hit. The youngest muppet was ready to go. He is not our outdoorsy little guy, he only lasts so long on our out door outings before he has had enough and if there is sand involved you can usually cut that time in half! I think that the only reason the youngest puts up with a day at the beach is that he knows that he gets to go home to a hot bath and his nice bed. Today that was not going to happen.

He stood at the truck door trying with all his strength to pull it open, “Time to go Mummy” he said in his firmest voice. I told him that we were not going home tonight, we were staying here at the beach. He looked at me like I had spoken some other language. “No Mummy” he said with out loosing his incense focus on me. “You pack up and I will go sit in my seat, it’s time to go NOW” Again I explained to him the idea of camping and that we were going to have a campfire and hotdogs and sleep in the tent, he was not happy!  The water works started it was like I had betrayed him in some way, I had tricked him in to thinking this was just another day at the beach and now he was stuck here with no hot bath, no bed and his nemesis sand. His hysterics finally subsided and he seemed to accept the fact that he was going to be here a while and went off and joined in a game of flash light tag.

The time finally came for bed and we put three very tired muppets down for the night. It was only a few hours after they went to sleep we were awoken by the middle muppet, he was sick. Thankfully it was only on himself and not on the rest of the tent! Using our mad parenting skills Dave and I were able to get him cleaned up and back in to bed before he even realized what had happened. I figured that we were golden for the rest of the night and hoped that we would get a few hours of sleep. Of course that didn’t really happen, middle man was up again with a fever and an ear ache and I, being completely unprepared for illness on our camping trip had nothing to give him. It was also 3:00 o’clock in the morning and I didn’t think any of the other mothers would appreciate me knocking on their tents to see if they had anything that would help me out.

The middle muppets cries soon woke the younger muppet, Dave quickly took the younger muppet to calm down while took the middle guy to sit by the dwindling fire and to try and cool him down with the breeze coming off the water. After nodding off in a camping chair for a good hour I figured that I might be able to get him back to sleep in the tent if I was lucky. We were able to catch 2 hours of sleep before the rest of the camp started waking up, The oldest muppet who had slept through all the drama was as happy as clam and ready to get playing. It was a beautiful morning and the sun shining over the ocean could put anyone in a good mood full night of sleep or not.

We enjoyed a lovely morning watching the boys play in the sea and soaked up a bit of sun ourselves. The camp was packed up quickly and the youngest muppet sat in the truck waiting patiently for us to be finished. We collected the other two muppets and set off for home all agreeing that we had a wonderful time and we couldn’t wait to go again but we were all ready for a hot bath and nap in our own beds!