Bieber Fever

The three muppets went for hair cuts last week. They are used to this process since all of them have huge amounts of hair that they have inherited from their mother and need cuts every four weeks.

When we moved to Doha we found a children’s hair dresser where they got to watch Tom and Jerry while they got their hair cut and the guys doing the job were fast and actually gave a decent cut and for cheap! We could get all three boys done in under 20 minutes for 30$ Canadian.

As we walked in to the mall where the hairdresser resides I told the boys they could choose which hairstyle they wanted. The oldest muppet had been complaining about me brushing his hair in the morning, saying that none of the other children in his class had to bush their hair so I was hoping he would choose really short hair so that I could avoid a regular morning fight.

The youngest muppet told the man short and spiky and climbed in to the chair first, with his helmet of hair I think he was excited to get rid of most of it. The oldest muppet was next he wanted it shaved short so he didn’t have to brush it or put any product in it. I was happy, he was happy, mornings would be good until it grew out!

The middle muppet took a long time to think about his hair cut, “I like my hair the way it is” he said to me, “Can I just keep it like this?”.  I told him that if he liked his hair longer that was fine but we should get the hairdresser to tidy up the back and sides. The stylist said to him in his filipino accent “You wanna look like Justine Bieber?” I was about to burst out laughing when the middle guy said excitedly “Ya! I wanna look like just a beaver!” The stylist smiled not understanding what he had just said and cut and styled away.

As we walked out of the mall I was complementing all of them on their choices. We all climbed in to the truck, the oldest muppet gabbed on about showing all his friends at school his hair and the youngest kept checking to see that his spikes were still there. The middle muppet gave me a big hug as I did up his seat belt, “I think my beaver haircut is the best” he whispered to me. I had to agree it was the best beaver hair cut I had seen.


Stage Fright

His first year of play school the oldest muppet had a Christmas Concert. It was exciting for me as a mother to see my little boy on stage for the first time. He was 3 and my mother and my sister had driven through a snowstorm to be there. As all of the parents waited patiently for the children to take their places on the stage we chatted about the holiday season, travel plans and visits with family and friends. The oldest muppet walked up on stage looking like he had just seen a ghost. His hand started to creep up over his face and then he just turned his back to the audience. He stayed in that position for the rest of the 20 minute performance.

The following year I knew what to expect so I encouraged him at home, we sung the songs learned all the actions and he was genuinely excited. But the moment he got on stage he took the same position as the year before and my dreams of being a stage mom were quickly shattered. He was just not a performer and hated the spotlight despite having a mother who will steal it any chance she gets.

A month ago he came home and was singing something from music class, I had just read in an email from his teacher that they were going to be putting on a year end show, so I asked him about it. It was an instant melt down! “I don’t want to do it Mom, I can’t get up there on that stage in front of people and sing” He sobbed for a good 20 minutes and was so upset about the whole situation that I was ready to call his music teacher and pull him from the musical. But then I did what any good mother would do I consulted with the husband and we bribed him with Lego.

From that point on he was really excited about the show, he was counting down the days like it was Christmas Eve he was waiting for. We were sure that we were going to be met with the same performance as the years before but the deal was that if he tried and got up on that stage he would get lego.

The day of the show arrived. He told me that he was feeling very nervous. I tried to convince him that the only people in the audience that would be watching him would be me and his father. All the other parents were going to be watching their son or daughter. We sat in the high school theatre waiting for the 120 kindergardeners to take the stage. The oldest muppet was one of the last ones on the stage which meant he was in the front row. I cringed, I was having anxiety for the poor kid.

He was looking throughout the audience for Dave and I and once he found us he waved excitedly and had a big smile on his face. Maybe it was going to be ok. The lights went down and the music started, I think I held my breath for the first minute of the performance. He was singing, and dancing and he looked somewhat happy! I was so relieved and proud that he was able to get up on that stage and perform.

The Musical was wonderful and all the kids did fabulous. When we picked him up from his class the first thing he asked me was are we going to get my lego now! His dad asked him if he had fun and he smiled and said yes. I am pretty sure that it was the lego that got him through the show, but for a little bit we saw him let go and actually enjoy what he was doing.

I don’t think my career as a stage mom is back on the table but maybe next year he will surprise me even more.

Chase me!

I picked up the oldest muppet from school today as I do everyday, but today I didn’t have any of the other muppets with me. It was 48 degrees outside and if I can get away with not dragging them out for a school pick up in that heat I do! I am always one of the first moms waiting by the KG-E tree, I was once one of the last moms and he lost his little mind on me so I always try to make sure I am waiting for him when he comes out of the school.

We walked sweating to the truck, through the sand lot that they call a parking lot and he jabbered on about the funny thing one of his buddies did and how much he was looking forward to showing me all his artwork the following week. He climbed in to the truck and continued telling me about his day. He doesn’t get to have my undivided attention very often so he was taking full advantage of it knowing the moment we walked in to the house it would madness.

He started telling me about his PE class and how his friends girlfriend kept on chasing them around. “That sounds like fun” I said to him “Did you chase her back?” I wanted to keep the conversation going since he had never really talked about any of the girls in his class before. He explained to me that only the girls chase the boys, which made sense to me… I used to be a girl chasing those boys! Then I asked the question, “So do you have a girlfriend?” he smiled this huge grin and blushed red. He told me her name and then said that she wasn’t really his girlfriend anymore because he ran way to fast and always got away from her. “Thank god I am such a fast runner mom or she would have caught me for sure”

I had to laugh out loud at that one. One day he will be the one doing the chasing, lets hope he is able to keep up to the girls then 😉

Happy Sleep in Day!

At 4:22am this morning I heard the shuffle of the youngest muppet coming in to my room. “It’s morning mom, the birdies are singing” I used to fight with my children to get them back to sleep at this hour but it just ended up being a  ot of wasted energy and I end up angry for the day. I picked him up and we made our way downstairs, he cuddled in to the blankets on the couch and started watching his favourite movie. Seeing that he was happy I figured maybe I would catch another half hour before the other two woke up.

A few minutes after I had closed my eyes the oldest muppet barrelled in to my room. “IT”S MOTHERS DAY!!” he yelled as he jumped on top of me. I told him that it is nice to let your mummy sleep in on mothers day hoping that he would take a hint and join his brother on couch downstairs. But he was too excited, he had a present for me that he made at school and he had been dying to give it to me since Thursday. “Please mom you need to come and open my present now!” I decided that the motherly thing to do was to get my butt out of bed so we made our way downstairs.

He raced in to the kitchen returning proudly with a small flat package. “I think its a big Lightning McQueen” the smallest muppet announced. I had barley gotten the card off the gift and read it before the oldest had the wrapping paper torn off. It was a recipe book that his class had made. He proudly showed me the page he had contributed and told me that he had another present for me when the middle child woke up.

At 6:30am the middle muppet staggered down the stairs. He gave me his regular morning kiss and hug and sat down for breakfast. The oldest muppet was bouncing near by waiting as patiently as he could so that the minute the middle guy was done breakfast he could give me the other present.

I sat on the couch waiting for the oldest muppet, he was crawling out from under the desk and emerged with the gift in his arms. I opened the card and read it out loud to the boys, the youngest muppet quickly grabbed it and claimed it for his own. I pulled out a brightly coloured box with an orange ribbon tied on it. “Wow” the middle muppet exclaimed “That is a pretty box Mummy, do you love it?” He thought that the box was the present and was surprised when I opened it that there was something waiting inside. I thanked them for the wonderful soaps and the oldest muppet said that he still had two more presents for me.

He wrapped his arms around me and gave me a huge hug and a kiss and whispered happy mothers day in my ear. It was my turn to be surprised, I told him that being his mom was the best gift ever but he disagrees and thinks that Lego would be way better. His brothers followed suit each giving me hugs and kisses. The middle muppet was last, as he kissed my cheek he said to me “Mom I gave you a good mothers day gift today, I slept in!” I told him that next year he should get his brothers in on that gift as well.

Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there!!

Faster then fast… quicker then quick!

The oldest muppet was 2 when Lightning McQueen entered our lives. A good friend decided that he needed to share his sons obsession with our child. As soon as muppet number one saw the movie Cars he was hooked. It became the one and only thing that he would watch. We had to start limiting the amount of times a day he was allowed to watch the movie and I think on average it was 3 times a day for about a year and a half! We wore the movie out! He had about 50 cars and he was constantly on the look out for a new one every time we went to Walmart.

Dave started making up names for the random racers we acquired and the oldest muppet would sit for hours upon hours racing cars up and down the carpet. He would not go to sleep with out his three favourite cars and wake me up in the middle of the night if he couldn’t find them. If there was a support group for Lightning McQueen obsessed toddlers he should have been heading it up! After a few years he soon moved on to other things but Lightning was always there, he was still excited to go and see Cars 2 in the theatre last summer with Nana and Papa at the age of five.

The middle muppet did not follow the same obsession, he could not be bothered with cars and races and focused his energy on learning all the dinosaur names by the age of two! Just recently the youngest muppet has discovered the movie Cars and the obsession has started all over again in our household. The movie is once again constantly on the television and all three of them are now racing cars up and down the area rug. On our drive to school in the mornings we listen to the music from the movie and the youngest muppet tells me that we are driving Lightning McQueen so go fast! I have watched the first film about 3500 times give or take a few, I am an expert now and the youngest thinks that it is amazing that I know so much about Lightning. I think we might end up watching Cars 1000 more times before Lightning is retired from our house, so I will enjoy watching them act out the races in their own ways, listening to the little sound effects and help clean up the crashes. Soon they are going to want to borrow the real car and then the madness will truly begin!