Madonna vs Batman

It has been a dream of mine to see Madonna perform live since well… forever. It never seemed to work out in my favour to make it to one of her concerts. When it was announced that she was coming to Abu Dhabi I thought that this would be my chance, and then tickets sold out with in an hour and I sat at my computer and died a little inside.  I got over the fact that I was just not meant to see this amazing performer in person as I had so many times before but this time knowing that this was probably her last tour. Then I got a phone call from my friend saying that she had won tickets to the concert and that she was taking me!! All we needed were baby sitters AKA husbands and plane tickets and we were there! I don’t think I stopped vibrating with excitement for the entire night and half of the next day.

When the time came to tell the muppets that mummy was going on a trip over night I was dreading the tears and tantrums about not being able to come with me. We sat at the breakfast table the morning of the concert and I explained that Mummy had to go to Abu Dhabi and see Madonna. The oldest muppet was the first to ask questions, “Who is Madonna”? I launched in to a whole speech about how this woman was one of my idols from a young age, that she was a singer, dancer and known to the world as the Queen of Pop however the passion that was pouring out of my soul was not reaching their little ears. They stared at me with blank expressions and I swear I heard crickets chirping!

So I tried a different approach. I asked the oldest muppet who he would want to meet most in the entire world if he could. He thought for a moment and replied “Yoda… no Batman! Ya defiantly Batman.” “Well” I said “Madonna is sorta like Batman to Mummy.” His eyes went wide and all three muppets shouted approvals of “Cool” and”Have Fun Mum” and that was that. No tears, no tantrums… however the rest of the breakfast conversation was about how cool it would be to meet Batman.

The concert was amazing, everything that I wanted and more… I guess we will have to wait until we meet Batman to see which one is cooler.