Lion Rock


We left the sandy beige of the desert last Friday and begun out adventure in Sri Lanka. The muppets were greeted at the airport by Christmas carols and our smiling bus driver who placed flowers around each of their necks. The smallest muppet asked if we were in the jungle yet and the oldest commented on how green everything was. We traveled for hours on our bus to our hotel. It was not far away but the traffic was so crazy in the city since it was Friday night. The muppets marveled at the tuc tucs speeding past us on the road and all the Christmas lights and giant statues of Buddha.

We have spent the last three days in the cultural triangle, exploring ancient cities and learning about the religions in this country. The boys climbed over 1200 stairs up to the top of Lion Rock where the Ancient king had his summer palace. There were so many people amazed the the youngest muppet made it the whole way on his own and many people who offered to carry the little prince on the way up!

The oldest muppet has new questions every day about Buddha and everything that we are seeing. I think they learn more on a trip like this then in school sometimes. On the way home yesterday everyone was talking about their favorite parts of the day and how much they enjoyed themselves. I had the smallest muppet curled up on my lap asleep with his puppy cuddled in his arms. As I kissed the top of his head I could smell the sandalwood incense in his hair that the pilgrims at the temples were burning. I thought to myself that this was my favorite moment of the day, that even tho we are traveling through this amazing country it really would not be anything special if we were not all together.


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