Christmas Pjs

On Christmas Eve when I was a little girl we were always allowed to open one present. We were always at my Nanny’s house after we had gone to Mass and the present was always new pajamas. I loved getting new pjs so last Christmas I decided to continue on this tradition.

I told the muppets they could open one present after we had gotten home on Christmas Eve. They all sat in front of the tree exhausted from the nights festivities but excited to be opening gifts. As they all ripped off the paper and realized that it was not a toy or something really cool they all started to cry. We put three exhausted and disappointed boys to bed and Dave made me promise not to ever give them pajamas as a gift on Christmas Eve again.

So this year I had a new strategy. I tied each pair of pjs with a big red bow and left them on their pillows on Christmas Eve. The oldest muppet was concerned that Santa would not know what part of Sri Lanka we were in I assured him that Santa’s elves would be delivering a special set of pajamas so that Santa would be able to find them this year. They thought this was great they were excited to get in to bed and go to sleep tonight!

I guess sometimes old traditions just need a little something extra to get the approval of the muppets! Happy Christmas Eve!


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