Glowing Sand


The day that we arrived in Canada they saw it on Nana’s washing machine. Three boxes of glowing sand. The muppets instantly started asking every night after that if they could play with the glowing sand. Now I think that glowing sand is really cool and to be honest I wanted to see it in action. But in Canada it doesn’t get dark until 11:30pm in June so I was reluctant to agree to a time and a place to play with it.

We told the muppets that it would be better to play with the glowing sand out at the lake with their cousins but the reality of it was that I really didn’t want them to stay up that late just to play with glowing sand!! So I told them that we would take it back to Doha with us because almost every day of the year it is dark by 6:00pm! I patted myself on the back, coming up with this clever solution to my problem, but then we arrived back home. The three muppets had not forgotten about the glowing sand that they had dreamt about for the past 8 weeks!

The four of us have been dealing with unbelievable jet lag and the past few days we have been in a fog, not knowing what day it is or what hour we finally got to sleep at. Still through the tantrums, naps and midnight wakings the still asked for the glowing sand! Tonight after three and a half hours at the pool attempting to keep the kids awake and my sanity we went out to our dark back yard to finally play with the glowing sand!

The boys started shaking the sand out of the shakers that they came with but it was not coming out as easily as it did on the commercial we saw. Then I thought about how humid it was outside, the temperature today was +42 but felt like +47 with he humidity! The sand was all clumped together because there was so much moister in the air! The muppets decided to just dump the sand on the ground and play around in it. They danced around making their hands glow and making moustaches on their faces. All was going well until the youngest rubbed his eyes then it was deadly screams a mad dash to the bathroom to run his face under a stream of water. A warm bath, a wash and a cuddle on the couch made everyone feel better, they all agreed that the glowing sand was awesome. The middle muppet thought it would be epic if we had an entire beach full of glowing sand, I told him that maybe next year we can sprinkle it all over the beach at night, but it was an adventure for another day! Thanks Nana for the glowing sand it might not have worked out as planned but the boys still loved it! 😉


Fish, Snakes and Bears… OH MY!!


Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of new experiences for all three of the muppets. The oldest muppet mastered the art of blowing bubbles with bubble gum and the youngest has mastered the art of popping them faster than he blows them. The middle muppet went on the tube for the fist time and tried water skiing, plus all three of them have jumped off the dock in to the lake. In years prior it would take them a good week and a half to get in to the water at all and with in hours of being here all three were in the lake splashing and playing. They have experienced a huge storm and drove through it on papa’s boat, everyone has caught a fish or three and they have watched a small snake slither down the beach and swim in the water! The three of them encouraged their cousin to take off his training wheels and watched him take off like a shot as they all raced after him. It has been exciting everyday around here.

The other day I sat down on the beach reading while the muppets splashed in the water with their friends. The older boys that they were playing with had a Sea-Doo and the youngest and middle muppet we eager to take turns sitting on it. A few minutes later I heard a man from the water shout “Bear, Bear!! There is a bear on the beach!” I looked up from my book to see a black bear running down the beach towards me, I quickly ran down to the water and told the middle muppet and his friends to run up to the trailers and go in side. The smallest muppet was still on the Sea-Doo and was trying his hardest to get off in a hurry. I saw the bear was getting closer to where my parents place was so I grabbed the youngest muppet and went deeper in to the water. He sat on my hip as we watched the bear being chased by a guy on a quad down the beach. “Was that a real bear Mama?” he asked in disbelief I answered him by nodding my head not sure if my voice would work. Soon the excitement died down and I felt safe enough to come out of the water we made our way up the beach to the rest of the family.

Everyone gathered around talking about the bear and I could over hear the youngest muppet telling his brothers that the bear had come up to him in the water and he had scared in away, the oldest muppet told him that there was no way that could happen but the smallest stuck to his story. I sat with all three muppets later that day, they had all wanted to see a real bear or a wolf when they came to Canada this summer.  I asked them if they were happy that they got to experience that. The oldest muppet who was on the look out for wolves in Jasper weeks before said that he was happy he got to see the bear and didn’t need to see a wild one again for the rest of his life, he would be happy enough to watch them on television. I agreed with him but the youngest said that if that bear came back he would punch him in the nose!

Only a few more weeks until we return to Doha, I wonder what other adventures these three boys will have!