A Morning Visitor

Leopard Gecko (Eublepharis macularius) juvenile

The muppets are really in to non fiction books at the moment they love learning about animals and dinosaurs the most but are also interested in space, weather, sports and the world around them. We have not read a fiction book in months, and it has made choosing a book a favourite character for the middle muppet to dress up as for reading week difficult. He wants to dress as his hero Steve Irwin. All the books he reads and loves are about animal conservation and well Steve was one of the biggest animal conservationist around so it does make sense.

At 5 o’clock this morning even before the man in the mosque started shouting the oldest came bounding in to my room. “Mum” he shouted “We found a lizard in our bedroom do you want to come and see it?” My first response was “No, do you have any idea what time it is?” But then I saw the excitement on his face and got up. I walked in to the bedroom to find the youngest muppet on the floor examining something with a magnifying glass. “Guess what Mum” the middle muppet gushed “The lizard dropped its tail, look can you see it right there” he pointed to a small tail wiggling on the ground. “The lizard must be some sort of gecko” he continued “They drop their tails when they feel threatened and the tail keeps moving tricking the predator so that the gecko can get away” This was a lot of information for me at five in the morning but I was glad that the information that he was reading was actually sticking in his brain. The lizard sat in the corner very still probably scared out of his wits, he was no bigger than my pinky finger. I told the muppets just to observe and not to touch him and to maybe leave him alone because he was obviously scared.

They watched the lizard for a few more minute and decided to play a different game. The middle muppet hugged me good morning and said “It is pretty cool when you see nature in real life isn’t it mum!” I agreed with him but only wished we didn’t have to wake so early to experience it, what a way to start our Friday.


Young Love

Little girl love a little boy  (7)

This weekend like most of our weekends the muppets bounced back and forth between friends houses in the compound. We are so luck at the moment that the weather is so beautiful they can be outside riding bikes and climbing trees. The youngest muppet has a little girl friend across the street and was looking forward to playing with her all week so when he came home from gymnastics on Friday morning to find that she was not home he was devastated. We walked up the steps to the house to find a sticky note on our door. It was from her, saying that she had gone camping and would be back tomorrow.

The next afternoon the youngest muppets little friend was back, he was playing with some other friends in the compound and they were colouring pictures at the kitchen table when she walked through the front door. The three of them sat and happily coloured cards for each other, the youngest muppet lost interest first and went outside to shoot pucks with the oldest. The two girls jabbered away, sounding out the words for their messages and drawing pretty hearts and flowers. They ran outside to give the youngest muppet his card. It was beautifully decorated and said “I love you Rowan” on the inside.

The little girl handed the card to the little guy, he said “Thanks” then ran to get the card he made for her. He proudly handed her a piece of paper with a stick man drawn on it. She looked at it a little disgusted, the youngest muppet sensed it right away. “You don’t like it?” he said “Do you want me to put it in the bin?” she thought for a moment “No” she said “But maybe you could work on it a little bit more so I can grow to like it” And with that she walked out of the kitchen with the smallest muppet trailing behind her.


Curious Boy


If Curious George was to come to life in human form I believe that he would be the youngest muppet. To start off I never had to deal with a climbing toddler. The other two muppets just never did it, the youngest however had two very good “teachers” to follow and there was no way he was not doing exactly what the other two were. Thank goodness we had a playground where the climbing frames were pretty close to the ground for him to practice on.

The youngest muppet wants to know how everything works. He takes things apart and presses every button that can be pressed, even after you have told him it is not a good idea. He wants to explore in all of the drawers, even the ones at other people houses and always discovers something he shouldn’t be playing with. You can never just tell him once to stop doing something and there will always be the question of “why?” He is Mr Mischievous and will follow your instructions but will always add in his own little quirk to it like taking an extra bounce on the mini tramp at gymnastics as he gets back in to line or stopping to climb a tree on his way to get his shoes from the neighbours. He just has his own way of getting the job done that both frustrates me and makes me laugh at the same time, just like that Crazy Monkey George. I am certain that if you left him in a room full of open paint cans we would have a beautiful Rowan master piece on our hands.
Some people would call him defiant or undisciplined,  I call him spirited and a force of nature. There is nothing that this boy won’t do to prove you wrong!  There are days where I throw my hands in the air and want to drop him at the nearest zoo. But most days he just surprises me and I marvel at his innovative way of thinking sometimes. I would love to spend a day in side that monkey’s head… well maybe I could just start with a few hours.

My Magpie


The middles muppet shuffles in to the kitchen every morning cuddling one of his many stuffed animals. He gives me a huge and I give the stuffy a hug and ask how their sleep was. I have had to make a basket in to a nest for all of the ones he wants to sleep with and put it beside his bed because there is not enough room for them all. He doesn’t want to hurt any if their feelings and make them sleep in the closet. I can’t even roll my eyes at his actions because I was once the exact same way.

Yesterday morning as I pulled out clothes for each of the muppets to wear the middle guy showed me a red star beaded necklace that his friend had given him days earlier. The beads had snapped in one place making in unwearable. I told him I could fix it before school if there was time, this made him so happy that I didn’t even have to fight with him about getting dressed quickly. We got in to the car to head to school and I handed the necklace to him and he placed it on his neck. The oldest gave me a look like “should he be wearing that shiny necklace to school” but he knew well enough to keep his mouth shut.
The middle guy is not afraid to be completely himself. He never hesitates when his favourite song comes on the radio to sing along, he wears what makes him happy and is more likely to try something new than the other two at the moment.  I love that he is so comfortable in his own skin with certain things and I hope that he continues to grow that way. My ever curious little magpie who marches to the beat of his own drum.

A Taste of Winter


This morning the youngest muppet crawled in to my bed, he snuggled in close and whispered in my ear “Today I am going to Canada Mummy, don’t forget to pack me my mittens it is going to be very cold.” The youngest muppets class was heading off on a virtual field trip today to Canada. The classes have been studying weather and since the weather has been a little but cooler here they decided that it would be a good time to talk about the cold and snow. We received an email telling us that the children would be needing a hat, warm jacket, mittens and boots for their trip. Luckily for me we had gathered all of these things on our last trip to Canada! the youngest muppets teacher asked me to help out with some of the activities and also asked if I could send her some photos of my kids in the snow. As I started to go through the old photos I noticed that there was a total lack of photos of the muppets in the snow. I could remember a few of the times we had taken the muppets sledding, in that memory it was a heck of a lot of work getting out of the house to play in the snow for 15 minutes.

I got all of the smallest muppets snow stuff ready this morning he was very excited to wear his mittens. As we walked in to his class room all the other kids were showing off their big puffy jackets and wooly hats. The teacher told me that she usually turned up the air conditioning to make it really cold but she wasn’t able to this year because they had changed the controls. I was quite happy that the controls had been changed because I was not dressed for the cold weather. I helped the teacher prepare each of the activities, igloo building, a break the ice game and ice skating. It was my job to take the children ice skating. The first group of kids came out to the hallway in their socks, I had cleared a big space for us to “skate” and the floor was surprisingly slippery. We skated forwards and backward, twirled, balanced and fell a lot the teacher came out as I had them making a train skating. I was telling them about when I was a little girl we would play a game called crack the whip, we would all skate as fast as we could in a big line until the people at the end of the line would not be able to hold on any longer and fall down. The youngest muppets teacher started laughing and joined in the long skating train until everyone fell over.

I joined the youngest muppet in the rest of the activities I watched as he got to make snowflakes, play with artificial snow, build an igloo and play with real ice blocks. All of the kids were so happy and at the end of the class they sat and watched a little girl build a snow man on You Tube. The teacher told them that they could take off their winter clothes and warm up by the virtual fire and have hot chocolate. Me and another mother were in charge of collecting all the clothes, we sat in the hallway trying to remember who was wearing what to place in the children’s cubby. As we separated clothes we were both happy that we lived in a country  where we didn’t have to do this on a daily bases. As each of the kids came out to collect their back packs they all gushed about how much fun the snow day had been. One little girl asked me to help her put her jacket on and then her mittens, I told her that it was pretty warm out now and she probably didn’t need her hat or scarf but she disagreed. I helped her with her hat and then went to help another little boy find his gloves. When I came out of the class the girl was dressed for a blizzard!

It was such a novelty for these kids to wear the snow gear, pretend to ice skate and imagine being so cold that you would need to warm up with a raging fire and hot chocolate. In a few weeks time the three muppets will find out what real snow and cold is about. They are very excited for this adventure and so am I I guess when you are not surrounded by snow, ice and cold 9 months out of the year you miss it just enough to want a taste of it. But only a taste 😉