A Little Mouthful


The youngest muppet was the first awake today, he woke everyone up and was bright and chipper and ready to make waffles. The other two muppets were not as chipper, the three of us had a long week of school and work while the littlest muppet got to play with his friends. The youngest muppet starts school on Sunday and he has been itching to get in to his class room and be at school with his big brothers.

The oldest and middle muppet curled up under blankets on the couch as the youngest boy helped me in the kitchen. We cracked eggs, measured flour and poured milk. As he was mixing the waffle batter he said to me “Mummy is my tooth loose on the bottom?” He opened his mouth and wiggled his bottom tooth with his tongue, and it was loose! I told him that it looked like the tooth fairy might be visiting him soon if he kept on wiggling it! He stopped mixing and jumped off the chair “I have to go tell Rhysie and Ryder” he said. He ran in to the living room to show his brothers his first loose tooth, the oldest compared his wobbly tooth with the youngest guys and the middle guy gave him a high five. He ran back to the kitchen and started mixing the batter again. “I am so excited mummy” he beamed “My first wobbly tooth!”

It really feels like it was yesterday that he cut his first tooth, soon he will have a mouth full of holes like the other muppets did at his age. He is super pumped to have yet another thing in common with the older two. The tooth fairy better be ready, another mouthful of Wilson boy teeth are on their way.


Jet Lag Demons


We arrived back in Doha 6 days ago now. The muppets and I were excited to see their dad waiting for us on the other side of the arrival doors. It was 3:00 o’clock in the morning and it had been an incredibly long day of travel, the muppets wanted to get home to their toys and I only wanted my bed. Soon after we arrived back at our villa, our next journey began, the journey through the fog and haze of jet lag. I don’t know why it still surprises me how long it takes to get over the time change coming back to this part of the world, but it has now been almost a week since we entered this time zone and I am ready to hand my soul over to anyone who can promise me a full nights sleep!

The older two muppets have been really good, even though they have been waking up in the early hours of the morning all week they are still making progress towards the goal of sleeping until sunrise. They also both understand that their mother is a horrible person when she doesn’t have sleep and avoid waking me by playing on electronics or watching television. The youngest however is slow to learn this behaviour. The poor guy can not turn himself around, he was the one most excited to come home but told me last night that he could only sleep in Nana’s country and thought maybe it would be best to head back that way. He has been waking up at 3:00am every morning and awake for the day, he is falling asleep at 7 o’clock at night so he is getting some sleep… just not enough to take up until dawn! I have been caving every morning letting him watch television in my bed in order to catch an extra hour of sleep so I am able to function at work and as a mother.

Last night I decided that I would not give in, that the youngest muppet would have to go back to sleep, we needed to beat this thing and not live in the limbo of jet lag forever! I told him this at dinner and he understood that there would be no more TV in bed with Mummy. Shortly after that he fell asleep on the couch at 6:30pm, I knew at that point we were not in for a good night, but I went to bed with hopeful thoughts and dreams of 8 hours of solid sleep. He woke me at 11 o’clock, he told me that he was not tired and just wanted to watch a little TV and then he would go back to bed. I gently explained to him the agreement that we had made and that he needed to go back to sleep. The tears started as he tried to negotiate with me, I remained calm and said over and over that it was time to sleep and that the television would not be going on. His tantrum raged on as he punched his pillow and told me that he didn’t love me and that I was a horrible mother. I reminded myself that this was the demon jet lag talking and told him that I was going to go to sleep and that he should lay down and close his eyes. After an hour and a half of rage, 2 glasses of water, and a little cuddle he finally quieted. The exhaustion took over, the demon left the child and sleep entered.

When I woke this morning to get ready for work he was still asleep next to me the poor guy probably needed two days of sleep to catch up. I quietly got ready and made breakfast for the other two muppets at 7 o’clock he came down the stairs. He walked over and gave me a morning hug and told me that he had a great sleep and that he felt good. I didn’t mention the drama of last night, I just hugged him back and told him I was glad that he felt better. I hope that tonight will be a little easier but my expectations are low, it is easier to keep them there at this point and then I am pleasantly surprised if things are better then I thought they would be. So tonight as I lay my head down to sleep I will prepare for the demon jet lag child to visit me in the early hours in the morning. Perhaps this night will be full of pleasant surprises.



We were packed and ready to leave by noon today. Our flight however wasn’t until ten at night so our afternoon was spent in great anticipation of leaving for the airport. The youngest muppet was ready to get on the plane at seven o’clock this morning and was defiantly the most excited out of all of us to be going home.

We arrived at the airport to find an unusually short line up to check in and a very helpful customer service rep who informed me that our flight had been canceled. There had been a fire in the cock pit and the plane had to make an emergency landing in Denver. Not really something you want to hear when you have to get on a plane at some point in the next day or so. She told me to go stand in line to make sure our connecting flights could be rescheduled so my mom took the muppets and our luggage over to a waiting area. After everything had been sorted out we dragged everyone back to the car and made our way back to my parents place. My mom and I commented how it felt like a little bit of Déjà vu. Last spring we had mixed up my moms flight time and she ended up staying with us for an extra day.

The youngest muppet sat in the back seat of the car with a sour look on his face. I asked him what was wrong and he burst in to tears “I wanted to go back to Doha today!” He sobbed “I can’t remember what our house looks like or my bed and I miss Daddy, we have been gone a long time!” I understood how he felt, I had come to terms with the fact that it was our last day in Canada. We had said our goodbyes and ate our last meals, we were ready to head home and leave Canada until next summer. The youngest guy and I reluctantly walked back in to my parents house he was still really upset asked me to cuddle him. I told him that I would just take the bags down stairs and then we could have a cuddle. As I came back upstairs I heard little giggles coming from the corner of the kitchen. The three muppets were sitting with nana and papa looking at photos of my moms trip to see us last spring. She had photos of the boys at the pool, playing in our living room, and sitting with daddy. All three were laughing and remembering the times that they shared with her when she was visiting us. After a few more photos it was decided that a hot tub and a snack were much needed and the muppets easily fell back in to their nightly routine that they have at Nana and Papa’s house.

After a soak and a snack I kissed each muppet good night and told them once again to have a good last sleep in Canada. The middle muppet told me he was happy to have another day to play in Canada, and hang out with his Nana. It was not such a bad thing, one more day to be thankful for each other, to get on each others nerves and to say I love you and that I will miss you.

We have had another amazing summer out here and we were lucky enough to share it with our loving family and dear friends. Tomorrow we say goodbye to the green and head back to the heat of the desert.

Until next year Canada, we love you and we will miss you!

A Little Extra Push


Out of all three muppets the oldest is my most cautious. When we walk through the airports I can always count on him to be keeping an extra eye on the other two muppets. He is a responsible young boy and I am grateful for that. However sometimes he is reluctant to give new things a try. It was a struggle for us to get him to take the training wheels off his bike, jump off the dock for the first time and to tube or water ski. 

Last year my husband and I had a great idea we were both laying on the tube and we figured we would trick the oldest in to going with us. The three of us were sunning on the tube chatting while Papa and Nana packed everything up. Then we slowly made our way out of the bay, the oldest was mad at first but kinda warmed to the idea. As we turned out of the and picked up speed I the tube hit a big wave. We all laughed and screamed “woohoo” to keep the mood light for the oldest muppet but then we hit a bigger wave and then the biggest! My husband went flying off the tube and the oldest muppet went flying from his seat in to his dads. There was no more tubing for the oldest guy that year. This summer he has been reluctant to get on the tube for very long and although I keep encouraging him I don’t want to push him too hard.


A few days ago the muppets cousins arrived, an extra boy and an extra two girls thrown into the mix. I love the time they get to spend with each other, they only get a chance to spend a few days a year together but in those few days they change each other. The previous year the muppets cousin arrived with training wheels on his bike. My three boys were all on three wheels so with a little time and an extra push from his cousins and he was on two wheels!
Yesterday we spent the day on the beach. The muppets were in and out of the water with their cousins the whole day. There was laughter coming from their bellies at every meal as they told each other stories and relived past days together. Just before dinner my dad suggested we go out and do some tubbing. The oldest muppet and his cousin both bounded down beach before the tube was even ready, and the youngest muppet was close on their heels. “I am going on with Preston and Rowan!!” the oldest muppet announced proudly as he grabbed his life jacket and found his place on the tube. I climbed on the boat and explained to my cousin that he wold be off in about 10 seconds because it would be too bumpy for him and he would freak.
My dad started off slow and the youngest muppet and their cousin were both giving the signal to speed up, the oldest however had the look of panic on his face and made the signal to slow down. The three of them are pretty light so you have to go a certain speed in order to get them out of the wake so naturally my dad sped up a bit. They hit a few bumps and caught some pretty good air and I waited for the oldest to signal that he wanted off, but instead I saw a smile on his face! The three of them were laughing and throwing their hands in the air, screaming on every bump and showing like they had seen their uncle do a few days before. This was not my child! I sat and watched in disbelief as he completely changed before my eyes, having that extra push from his cousin telling him that tubing could be really fun had made a difference!


The tube crossed the wake again and the oldest acted as if he was riding a bull, one hand in the air rodeo style as he calls it. The next wave they hit was a big one and the oldest flew off the tube, doing a double cartwheel in to the water. I held my breath waiting for tears or a concussion, but as we got closer to him I just saw a massive smile “Oh my gosh mum did you see that? Was I flying or what!?” I relaxed a little and told him how awesome his flip was and I was glad he was alright. Instead of getting back on the boat he jumped right back on the tube, “Lets got for one more ride Papa!” he shouted my dad looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders and off we went. When we got back to the beach the boys told their tubing story to anyone who would listen. The waves got bigger and the flips turned in to back hand springs, this would be a story that they would retell when they were our age.


I am so lucky to have an awesome group of cousins and we always have so much fun visiting and sharing memories together. It is so great that the muppets get to have that growing up as well, it may only be once a year but it is something that they will remember for the rest of their lives!