Boys with the books mascot and main character Jessie

Boys with the books mascot and main character Jessie

The middle muppet came home yesterday telling me that his music teacher had asked him and some other students to do a performance the following day. He told me he needed black dress pants, a white shirt and black shoes. I thought that this was a little last minute but I figured between neighbours we could wrestle something up even if it had to be black sweat pants. When I asked him when the performance was and what it was for, the middle muppet had no idea “The only thing I know Mum is that I have to sing in front of 300 people” he replied when I pushed for more information. He also told me that it was optional thing and that he wasn’t truly convinced that he actually wanted to be apart of this performance. I suggested that we get the clothes together and if he wanted to he could perform or if he felt too nervous he could just say he didn’t want to do it. He sort of liked that idea but he wasn’t totally sold. This morning at breakfast he told me that he had decided that he wasn’t going to do it. When I asked him why he told me that 300 people was a lot of people and he really didn’t think that it would be fun. I thought about putting the clothes in his backpack just in case but decided to leave it.

When we got to school we went straight to my office as usual to feed the kitties, the middle and youngest muppet both helped me clean out the dishes and fill everything back up for our hungry visitors. As we finished up the middle muppet asked me if we could go and watch the music performance after school even if he wan’t going to be in it. I agreed that it would be fun, the school was launching it’s new book and knew that all the muppets would probably enjoy it.

At the end of the day the muppets came to my office to have a snack and wait while I finished up. The middle guy was a flurry of information about the schools new book. He explained to me that it was a book called Respect, which was one of ASD’s values. The other exciting part about it was that there was an Alien in it and it was written and illustrated by kids. The students of the grade five class last year had a contest to see which 5 would get a chance to write, illustrate and get a book published. When we attended the book launch the teachers that helped with the book explained that the students involved had to work together to collaborate ideas and had spent over 8 months completing the book.

photo 2

Two of the books the school has published both written and illustrated by students.

The middle muppet could not believe that it took that long to write a book, “I am an author Mum and it only takes me a few days” he told me as we waited in line to buy a copy. When we got in to the truck he opened the book and started flipping pages, “This is really good” he said “I can’t believe that kids did this, I don’t think I will ever be able to write and draw like this” I told him that each one of those grade five students were once in grade two writing little stories just like he is. I explained that no one is good at anything right from the start and that we all need to practice in order to get good at anything. We talked about how he used to draw when he was in kindergarten and how detailed his drawings were now. I told him that if he worked really hard that there is no telling what he can do and that maybe one day he will be a part of the grade five team that writes the book. He smiled and flipped through book “That would be awesome” he said.

Sometimes the middle guy needs a little more encouragement than the other two and sometimes it is hard to know when to push him and when to let him find his own way. After his friends performed at the book launch he told me that he thinks that next time he will be able to perform because he knows that it will be fun. Every day the middle muppet grows and discovers new things that he can do and I think it is sometimes scary for him, but I know in my heart that boy is going to shine at whatever he does.



No Shirt, No Shoes


The youngest muppet is a quirky little fellow, he is always up to something and never wants to be left out of anything. He is also the only muppet that seems to have a problem keeping clothing on his body. Maybe it is because he is the third child and I had very little time and patience to wrestle a squirming baby back in to a sleeper , so he spent a lot more time crawling around half dressed than they other two did. When he was two he used to answer the door with no clothes on, the older muppets friends were shocked by this at first but they started to get used to the seeing the youngest guy in the buff. The problem now is that the youngest muppet is almost six and I am still asking him to put on his shirt and shoes before he leaves the house and I think his behavior is starting to rub off on his friends.

On the weekend the muppets were out enjoying their day off playing with their friends. The youngest muppet came running in to the house and up the stairs to my bedroom asking if he and his friend could have a pop. I told him that if they sat and drank it on the front steps then they could each have one. A few minutes later I came down the stairs to find two t-shirts, two sets of shoes and two empty coke cans… the two boys were no where in sight. I assumed that they wouldn’t have gone too far since the pavement would burn their feet off, so I collected their clothes and went back inside the house. Soon it was lunch time and I needed to start looking for the youngest and his friend. I found that they had picked up an extra boy (who had also lost his shirt and shoes) and were playing across the street. I collected the three feral boys and our neighbor joked that the youngest muppets shirt must just melt off of him and that is why he never has one on. I am grateful that we live in such a warm climate because if we still lived in Canada the youngest muppet would be in for a rude awakening.

It is a joke among our family that the youngest guy will never get served anywhere and that his hopes of getting a job as anything other than a lifegaurd or a stripper are pretty slim. We love our little shirtless wonder and I will be sad when the day comes that I don’t have to remind him to put on a shirt before he leaves for school, but I really  hope that day comes before he goes to college 😉

Hockey Gene


I grew up around hockey I don’t think that there are many Canadian’s that didn’t. My Dad would take me to the hockey games in our home town, we would watch games with friends on television and kids would play it in the streets all boys in my class growing up played hockey. I did not play hockey unless I was forced to by my cousins or a gym teacher, I was a figure skater, I danced, I attempted T-ball when I was 5 and failed miserably. I am not a sporty person but I have three little muppets who like their father love all sports, so when they want to kick the ball around or need some one to take shots on them I have to pretend I know what I am doing.

The oldest muppets hockey gene kicked in about 6 months ago, I swear there was no warning or even any encouragement he was just suddenly obsessed with hockey. We told him that if he learned to skate that in the fall we would register him for hockey here in Qatar. The boy practiced skating on his roller blades, he played street hockey with the neighborhood kids and when it got too hot to play outside they moved in to my living room. He showed me he was serious about joining hockey this season so while we were in Canada this summer we picked up what he needed for equipment and registered him for the Winter Hockey Season here in Doha. 

Both his father and I were nervous about his first hockey assessment, most boys his age would have been playing since they were five in Canada. The oldest muppets skating had gotten stronger but he had never skated in the equipment before and I didn’t want his ego to be shattered if their were boys his age skating laps around him. Before we set off to the rink my husband gave me  and the oldest a quick lesson in how to put on the hockey equipment, there was going to be times when he wasn’t going to be there so it was something that I needed to have some idea about.
We arrived at the mall and my husband took the two older muppets to get skates on and figure out where we needed to be. When the youngest and I came back from our errands the oldest was already on the ice. He was a little wobbly for the first few minutes but then he started to find his footing. They ran a few drills and I watched as he struggled with a few but for the most part he was keeping up. After an hour of skating they finished and the oldest muppet got off the ice to get changed. I ran over to the Hardee’s and got him a burger and met my husband and the three muppets at the door. I gave the oldest guy a hug and praised him for a job well done. He said that it wasn’t as hard as he thought it was going to be and that he had so much fun.
Once we got home I let the oldest guy have some time to chill out while I got the other two muppets ready for bed. When he was done his shower he came out of the bathroom and gave me a big hug. “I loved tonight so much mom, I want to do hockey all the time… for the whole year, for my whole life” I giggled and told him that I registered him until May and that as long as he is having fun he could play all he likes. He smile a huge smile and crawled in to bed, I tucked him in and kissed his forehead and he cuddled down in to the blankets with his hockey bear.
This will be my first season as a “Hockey Mom” and I know that it will not be my last, I can already see the hockey gene starting to grow in the middle and youngest muppet. We are going to be a hockey family soon enough.


Nine and Feelin’ Fine

fruits_food_candles_birthday_cake_cakes_m24386I sat in my bedroom getting ready when the oldest muppet woke up on Sunday. He quietly crept in to the room, his brothers were still sleeping and I think like me he enjoys the quiet before the storm breaks loose (otherwise known as the youngest waking up). I picked him up and gave him a big hug, “I can’t believe I am hugging a nine year old” I said, he smiled at me his special smile and asked me about my sleep and how I was doing then he jumped on the bed and kept me company until I was done getting ready and we went down stairs together. His brothers were up by that time and the Happy Birthdays and hugs started. The youngest muppet helped me decorate the birthday boys chair with balloons and once we had breakfast on the table we did our traditional birthday breakfast photo and happy birthday song.

After breakfast we went upstairs to get dressed, the oldest was the first to be done and came in to the bathroom to brush his teeth. I soaked his head down with water and began brushing his hair, he rolled his eyes at me and I said what was said every morning “I don’t care if you like it you have to brush your hair every day” I styled it the way I liked it and moved on to the middle muppet, but out of the corner of my eye I watched the oldest mess up his hair and smile in the mirror in satisfaction. As we got in to the car he buckled in his little brother and requested I put on some music from his favorite band, it was a far cry from what he used to demand I play while we drove in the car “The Wheels on the Bus” and the “Cars” soundtrack are things of the past in my house hold. We drove listening to music, the three muppets reading their books and every so often singing the lyrics of the song that was playing.

When we got to the school I kissed and gave all three muppets high fives and watched as the oldest muppet made his way to his classroom, he had his birthday cupcakes in hand because he doesn’t need me to bring them  for him anymore. After school he was the first muppet in my office, he gave me a big hug and told me he had a good birthday so far even thought he had to write a big test. I asked him where he wanted to go for a special birthday treat after school and he instantly said Tim Hortons. The four of us piled in the truck and made our way to the mall, we sat and toasted the birthday boy with Timbits and smoothies. We finished up our trip to the mall at the toy store where the oldest muppet picked out a scooter that he had been pining over and we made our way home to have dinner with dad. At the end of the day after homework was done and showers were had we all sat in the boys bedroom and read a chapter from the book we are sharing. I kissed each of them good night and as I was hugging the oldest boy he whispered in my ear “Thank you mom for everything, I know how much you have done to make my day special” I gave him an extra squeeze and told him I loved him.

My oldest muppet is now nine years old, it is hard to believe it is his last year in single digits! I am so proud of the little man that he is becoming and love watching him grow every day. I know that their will be many adventures and Costco sized carts of groceries in our future raising three boys. Happy Birthday to the oldest muppet, here’s to being 9 and feline’ fine 😉

Self Portrait


The first week at school for the littlest muppet flew by and he loved it. The older two had already been on the school routine for a week so I was a little nervous how he would do with full school days and a whole week of school. The youngest muppet was lucky that he got the teacher he had wanted, she was one of my favourites and had taught the middle guy kindergarten as well.

I was sitting in the staff room on his first day of school when his teacher came in to have lunch. I asked her how her first day had gone with all the new kiddies and joked about the youngest one behaving. “Well you know…” she started “I was thinking I was going to have to take your child to have a phycological analysis done this morning” I laughed and told her that didn’t really surprise me, she proceeded to tell me that each student was suppose to draw a self portrait to hang on the wall. When she went around to his table to see how he was doing he had drawn a monster looking creature with big red eyes, jagged teeth and crazy hair. She said she was shocked but decided to ask him some questions. The youngest explained to her that it was a monster and that the tiny little drawing beside the monster was him. She felt relieved after that, she was afraid that the youngest guy saw himself that way and the he needed some mental help.

The teacher sat down with the youngest boy and asked him to draw a picture of him like the rest of his class mates and explained that there would be free time to draw monsters later. He decided that was fine and proceeded to draw his self portrait. “I was so relieved” she said “I thought I was going to have to take him to the school counsellor” I laughed and gave her a pat on the back, I told her that the youngest guy was a little crazier than the middle one so not to hold her breath he may need mental help yet! 😉