Brave Little Bean


The youngest muppet loves snakes, spiders and scary things, he has been excited about Halloween since his birthday. I started showing him costume ideas at the beginning of the month, there was a cute little crab, a bat, Tarzan and wrestler. He wanted none of these, so the two of us sat at the computer clicking through pictures. When we came across the Grimm Reaper the youngest guy said “I want to be that guy.”  I rolled my eyes and thought of course he wanted to be death himself. I convinced him to be a skeleton and we went to work on his costume. After I was finished insisted on wearing it any chance he got, he also insisted on jumping out and scaring his brothers any chance he got. He thought scaring people was the best thing ever.

This week we had an entire week filled with Halloween celebrations, every day we left the house the muppets would marvel at the Halloween decorations that people were putting up around the compound. Our neighbors house next-door is by far the best house in the neighborhood. She goes all out and all of the kids in the compound look forward to her amazing display every year. The youngest guy was super curious about all the elements of her Halloween house this year. He wanted to know who’s fingers were floating in the bloody water and who the people were in the scary photographs. He was a little unsure about the monsters sitting in the lawn chairs but told me that he was a brave scary skeleton and that he was scarier then them.

Last night we went to the Halloween carnival at the muppets school. They had a trick or treat section for the little kids and a scarier version for the older guys. The youngest muppet was eager to walk in to the dark decorated hallways, and knock on class doors for candy. His friend on the other hand was a little hesitant about the older kids popping out in costumes to hand out candy. I told the youngest guy to take his friends hand and go together to each door, after a few doors the two were flying down the hallways in search of candy. He beamed from ear to ear and said “I am a brave scary skeleton right mum?” I nodded and said he was very brave and we made our way out to the main field to enjoy the rest of the carnival.

We arrived home and the three muppets ran around outside scaring each other for a few minutes. I suggested that we calm down so that they could watch a movie and go to sleep. I explained that we still had Halloween the next night and they wouldn’t want to be too tired to trick or treat. I tucked the three muppets in to bed and made my way downstairs, as I settled on the couch the youngest muppet came down the stairs. I asked him what was wrong and why he wasn’t in bed, he told me that he was kinda scared of the things he saw at the Halloween carnival. I asked him what had scared him and he replied that he had seen some people dressed up as big scary skeletons and that he didn’t like them. I kind of laughed and said “But you were a scary skeleton, there is not need to be afraid you are one of them remember a brave, scary skeleton!” He smiled and said “Ya I know but I don’t have my costume on right now.” I gave him a cuddle and told him to just lay down on the couch for a few minutes. It didn’t take very long until he was fast asleep and I carried my little skeleton up the stairs and laid him in his bed.

This morning he was the first awake and crawled in to bed with me. “I am so excited to trick or treat today Mummy” he whispered to me “But I don’t know if I want to go to Bonnie’s house by myself” I told him that I could go with him if he wanted and then he would just have to be a little bit brave. He smiled and nodded “I could be a little bit brave Mummy”

Tonight we will conclude our week of extreme Halloween overload, the muppets are so excited to trick or treat tonight and I am sure the sugar high will turn in to a sugar hangover tomorrow. I hope you all have a Happy Halloween and that your little Ghosts and Goblins are able to be brave tonight 😉


Game One


The oldest muppet’s first words out of his mouth this morning to me were “Mum don’t forget we are starting games this morning in hockey, we have to be there early so I know which team I am on.” I had not forgotten about this, not only had I set myself a reminder but the oldest muppet hadn’t stopped talking about it all week! He insisted that we get on all the gear at home today so that we could just walk in and get his skates on. After a ten minute car ride where he asked every two minutes what time it was, we arrived at the mall and got the remainder of his gear on.

The oldest got on the ice with his team mates and they separated the group in to teams. Once this was done the coach told each player which line they were on and how the game was going roll. The oldest guy was on the third line and stood buy the door anxiously waiting his turn on the ice. As the first line came off the ice he told them what a good job they had done, and went back to his spot. It was finally his turn, I watched him take his place for the face off and then off he went. His face was full of concentration as he made sure the puck was out of his zone and that he was open if someone wanted to pass to him.

As the game went on and lines changed the coach came up to him, “What is going on out there?” the coach asked “When did you learn to skate like that, your amazing, you don’t skate like that in practice!” The oldest muppet just shrugged “I was just playing” he answered seriously, the coach just laughed and shook his head. The oldest made his way out on the ice again, this time he got the puck on a breakaway! He skated quickly down the ice and shot and scored!! I watched him raise his stick in the air (like the pros do) and then he skated back to his bench to high five (or glove) his teammates. The smile on his face was awesome and even though he completely bailed after he finished the high fives he got up beaming from ear to ear.

The rest of the game went quickly and soon it was time to shake hands with the other team. The team gathered at the end of the ice and piled on top of one another in celebration, they had won the game. As I undid the oldest muppet’s skates his coach came by and told him what a great job he did and how he completely threw off the lines he had created by surprising him with his skating skills. The oldest smiled and told me that he had so much fun and couldn’t wait to tell his dad all about the game.

We walked to the truck with another family and the the oldest and his team mate chatted about the game. The mother (who was from Romania) joked that since we were Canadian that my boys must have come out of the womb with skates on. I laughed and told her that the obsessive hockey gene hadn’t kicked in yet with the other two muppets but was sure it was only a matter of time. I watch every week as the oldest muppet gains more confidence on the ice and with the game. It is awesome to watch him grow in this way, this was game one of many more to come and I am sure he will be talking about it all week 🙂



It was the first day back at school yesterday after Eid break, you never know how these days are going to go but surprisingly for us everyone was happy and it was a good day. We arrived home after school and the kids unpacked their bags without protest. The oldest muppet took his place on the couch with his father to watch the latest hockey highlights and the middle and youngest grabbed their scooters and were off to roam the neighborhood in search of playmates. An hour or so later with homework done we sat as a family around the dinner table. I mentioned to the boys that it was Thanksgiving Day in Canada and we decided to go around the table and say what were are thankful for. Each of the muppets took their turns saying what they were thankful for, they were grateful for friends, the food on our table, their family, school and of course their toys.

The oldest muppet started telling us about his teachers Eid trip to Turkey and how there were also three other students that visited their. The middle muppet interrupted him he was excited to tell us where his teacher went, she had gone to Thailand and she had gotten married! The middle muppet told us all about the wedding and the pictures that he saw and then the youngest muppet piped up “I have a question” he said smiling “Where is her baby now?” I thought maybe he didn’t understand what the middle guy was talking about. I explained to him that the middle guys teacher got married in Thailand. “I know…” said the youngest guy, “so where is her baby?” I started to giggle. I asked him if he thought that when you got married that you automatically had a baby. He smiled at me and said “Of course, you get married you kiss and then bloooop you have a baby” When he said “blooooop” he gestured with his hands a baby growing in his belly. I laughed out loud at his assumption, he was so serious when he did it. I explained that babies don’t normally come that quickly and it takes a long time for a baby to come. I thanked my lucky stars that their were no questions about where babies come from and we continued on with dinner with very little excitement after that conversation.

Everyday the muppets make me laugh and question my sanity with their conversations, questions and little quarks. It is defiantly never dull in our household and I am sure there will be many more silly conversations at our dinner table.



The youngest muppet has been counting down the days since the start of the month. His birthday has been on his mind since the middle guy celebrated his in July. As I tucked him in to bed last night I kissed his head and told him that it would be his last night as a five year old and that in the morning he would be six. He smiled and then sat up quickly, he announced to the middle and oldest guy that they had his permission to wake him up in the morning no matter how early it was because he could not wait to be a six year old.

This morning we were up early for another reason, the oldest muppet has a tummy bug and so at 5 am we were all up. The youngest got himself dressed after breakfast and went out the front door, I followed him and asked where he was going. He announced that he was going out since he was six now. I told him that it was 7:30am and he could play out in the front but he wasn’t allowed to be ringing door bells at that hour. He agreed and waited on the front step for his dad to come home from night shift.

Once my husband was home we opened presents and the three muppets explored the new toys together. He agreed that we would celebrate as a family tomorrow since the oldest guy was sick. After a while the youngest muppet asked me to show him pictures of him as a baby, he loves to see the photos of him and his brothers growing up. His father told him this morning that our lives would not be the same if he hadn’t come in to our family. Six years of fun, giggles, crazyness and never ending surprises Happy Birthday little man!

Fiction or Non-Fiction


All of our muppets are fond of reading, we have always tried to read as a family most nights before bed and sometimes we even make up our own stories. The youngest muppet loves to be read to, flip through books and to tell his own stories. Sometimes these stories are so close to the truth that people completely believe him and we are trying to figure out how we can still encourage his little imagination but also teach him about being honest and telling the truth. The youngest muppets kindergarten teacher is the sweetest woman, the middle guy also had her as a teacher and I absolutely adore her. Every morning she has some funny little story about the youngest guy. I always hold my breath waiting for her to tell me that he has been inappropriate or done something bad, but for the most part they are just silly things.

The other day in class they were talking about what kinds of pets each student had if any. When she asked if anyone had a rabbit he raised his hand, he also raised his hand to say that he had a dog,cat and turtle. She told me that she was trying to explain to him that he didn’t have all of these pets, but he completely disagreed with her and was convinced that he had all of these pets. When we sat down to talk about it he told me that we had a bunny at Nana’s house, Gracie and Charlie at Grandma’s, the kitties outside my office and of course Kung Fu Panda. These were all true, there was a rabbit that the boys fed outside my moms place and the muppets like to help look after the dogs at Grandma’s house. Every morning they all help me feed the cats that live outside my office window so the are sort of like pets. We talked about what having a pet really meant and he smiled and nodded but I am pretty sure it went in one ear and out the other.

Yesterday I was sitting in the lunch room chatting with the youngest guys teacher, we were talking about the upcoming Eid break and what plans we had made. She said the youngest guy seemed a bit off today and I explained that we were out late the night before because of the oldest guys hockey practice. We were stuck in the mall parking lot for 20 mins before we even got out on to the street so it took us a while to get home and in to bed. The youngest was tired and he didn’t want to play outside in the morning saying it was too hot. I explained to her that he was not really an outdoor kid and that unlike his older brothers preferred to be indoors more than out. I told her I  thought maybe it was because he grew up here where we had to spend so much time indoors but mostly I figured it was just his personality. Then she asked me if he remembered much of his time growing up in Brazil. I corrected her, “You mean Canada right? We have never lived in Brazil” She had a look of shock on her face, the youngest guy had completely convinced her that he had been born in Brazil!! When they were talking in class the youngest had discovered he had two friends who were born in Brazil and their parents were Brazilian, the teacher had explained to the youngest that even though he was born there he was still Canadian and that had only lived in Brazil. We both started laughing, she could not believe that the youngest guy had totally convinced her of this and I told her that I was pretty sure that this wouldn’t be the last time that this happened.

When we came home in the afternoon I sat down on the couch with the youngest guy. I asked him why he told his teacher that he had been born in Brazil, he looked up to me with his big brown eyes and said “Because I was born in Brazil Mummy” I grabbed the  ipad and pulled up Google Earth, I showed him where Brazil was and where Canada was. We zoomed in on Alberta and I pointed to the city where he was born, I explained to him that we had visited lost of different countries but we have only lived in Qatar and Canada. He was thoughtful for a minute and then said “I was confused mummy because I didn’t have the right water bottle that day” I giggled a little and asked him if he said that he was born in Brazil because he wanted to be like his friends. He nodded “Maybe Mummy and I really wanted to go to Brazil” I told him that maybe one day we would go there to visit, and explained that it was important that when the teacher is asking us real questions about ourselves that we need to be truthful and not make up stories. “Next time” he said “I will tell her that when I was in Canada we went on Papa’s boat and it is as big as a house” I rolled my eyes and we cuddled up and looked at places we wanted to visit on the map.

Living here we seem to always focus on how people are different from us. The muppets are exposed to different cultures, religions, foods and also different ways of dressing. I sometimes fear that growing up here the muppets will not have that feeling of being “from” somewhere. For us it is a fine balance between what we are giving up living here and what were are gaining. The muppets story is an original one, no one else will have it, and I am sure that every day expats around the world have the same fears that I do. The youngest muppet loves to tell stories and I know that one day when he figures out the difference between fiction and non-fiction he is going to be a great story teller, and one day when he is older perhaps he will have some amazing stories to share with the world.