The Audition

shutterstock_63920704.png.600x400_q100Last week the middle Muppet came home very excited about the Grade 2 Musical that his class has been working on. He told me the story behind the musical and that they were holding auditions for different parts. I asked him if there was a part that he wanted to try out for and he told me that he really wanted to be Osebo the Leopard. I went on the website later that afternoon and downloaded the lines he needed to rehearse and the song he needed to learn. I think I was more excited than he was because this was finally something I could relate to!

The two of us sat down the next day and practiced the song together and he tried to memorize his line. After about 15 minutes he was bored, and asked to go play, I explained to him that we had to keep practicing and saying the lines for the next few days so that he was confidant in his audition. He agreed but really didn’t want to commit to more than 10 minutes of practice a day.

The morning of his audition I wished him luck and made sure he had all the papers he needed for his big day. It killed me that I had to wait ALL day to find out how it went! I met him by his cubby at 3:00 o’clock, gave him a hug and told him to tell me all about his audition. “It was easy Mum” he said confidently “I didn’t even have to sing the whole song!” I told him how proud I was that he went to try out for the musical and whatever happens now he should be very proud of himself.

Yesterday as the Muppets climbed in to the truck after school I asked the middle guy how his music rehearsals were going. He told me about the song that they were learning and how much fun it was, “Oh and guess what Mum, I am going to be one of the Narrators for the show!” I gave him a high five and congratulated him on getting the part, he laughed and said “You know mum it is not that big of a deal it is only a few lines” I hugged him and told him I was proud of him and couldn’t wait to see him on stage. The rest of the drive home he told me about all of the parts his little friends were playing and how he was so happy for them that they got these roles.

It made my heart smile that he was happy for his friends achievements and not disappointed that he didn’t get the part in the musical that he tried out for. In a few weeks we will watch the middle Muppet take his place in the spotlight even if it is just a few lines our family is so excited for him!


A New Addition

image1When the middle Muppet was four he wanted to ask Santa for a pet Parrot for Christmas. I explained to him that Santa didn’t like to deliver live animals because it was a lot work not to mention the red tape he would have to go through crossing in to other countries. This Christmas as he sat writing his letter to Santa on December 23rd he asked me if he could have a puppy for Christmas. He told me that he loved having the little dog that we were dog sitting around and that he would help take care of the puppy and if I was allergic that he would just keep the puppy in his room. I hugged him and told him that he wasn’t going to get a puppy for Christmas and that we needed to enjoy having Lupo to play with for this short while. The middle Muppet sighed and said he understood but walked head down out of the kitchen.

A few weeks ago our dog sitting job came to an end, our entire family was sad to see Lupo go and everyone missed having the little dog following us everywhere, going for walks and giving us cuddles. So I started looking on the Pet Rescue websites here in Doha, there are so many dogs who need homes here and you are able to adopt or foster them depending on your situation. Day after day I browsed through photos of dogs and cats that were looking for a loving family, many of them were large breed dogs and most of them also shed a lot. Our family needed a dog who was “hypo allergenic” and I really preferred a small breed of dog since our back yard is small and the walking area in this country is limited. Last week I got in touch with a women who worked with one of the rescue organizations regarding a small breed adoption day that they were holding. I told her about our family, life style and situation, when she emailed me back she told me that she had the perfect dog for our family. She sent me a picture of the little dog and told me that we could pop down to the vet clinic after 4:00pm that day if we wanted to meet and get to know the cute white dog in the picture.

When I told the Muppet’s what we were going to do they were all excited. The oldest Muppet had already decided that she was our dog and that she was going to come home with us. He was starting to pick out names while the youngest had the dog already giving him kisses goodnight. The middle guy sat quietly and I asked him what he thought of the dog, he cuddled in close to me and said in a whisper “She’s so cute mama, I want her to be ours” I wanted her to be ours too but I lied to myself and said that I wouldn’t make my mind up until I met her.

We piled Grandma, Bampi and three Muppet’s in to the truck that afternoon, everyone was excited about meeting this little  dog. After a long drive, getting lost and finding our way again we finally made it to the vet clinic. We could see the white fluffy dog sitting in the waiting area and all three Muppet’s bounced with excitement, I told them to calm down so they wouldn’t scare her. We walked in to the clinic and the puppy immediately came over to say hi to the Muppet’s and their grandparents. I spoke to the local woman who was fostering her and she told me about the dogs history, temperament, likes and dislikes. I sat down on the floor with the white fluffy dog she had named Sienna, she was shy at first but snuggled right in to me, and I knew that I was not going to be able to leave with out her.

I asked the Muppet’s what they thought and all three of them agreed that “Sienna” was our dog and that she needed to come home with us. With in minutes we had the adoption papers signed and we walked out of the clinic with the newest member of the Wilson family. There was only one problem… we hadn’t really asked Daddy if it was ok to add another member to our household. The middle Muppet was convinced the there was no way that Daddy wouldn’t love her because she was so cute so instead of worrying about what kind of trouble I would be in we decided to worry about what we were going to name our new dog.

The three Muppets threw names out like Cookie, Elsa, Snowball and Jackie, and by the time we got home we had decided on two names Ivy and Lucy. The oldest Muppet came up with the idea to have everyone write down the name they like best and whichever one had the most votes would be her name. I decided that it was best that the dog have a name when my husband came home so we voted. After a landslide vote it was decided that Lucy was going to be her name! We spent the rest of the evening introducing Lucy to her new home and the boys tried to make her feel like part of the family. I texted the Muppet’s dad to give him the heads up, and he was not very happy with me.

I kept the Muppets up so that they could help me introduce Lucy to her new papa and because I was scared… I knew that he wouldn’t get as mad as he wanted to be at me with the boys there. When he walked through the door, Lucy was sitting on my lap with the youngest Muppet. Lucy jumped off my lap to greet her new dad, and the Muppets bombarded him with facts about Lucy and how cute and fluffy she was. We put the Muppet’s to bed with visions of Lucy dancing in their heads, all three happy and excited about our newest family member.

Lucy has been with us for just over a week now, and she has fit in to our family beautifully. She has started to put on weight, loves her walks and even likes to visit with her other dog friends on and off the compound. The Muppets are thrilled to be dog owners and will tell anyone who will listen about Miss Lucy. Their Dad has come around and developed a soft spot for our fluffy new baby, and we can’t really imagine our lives with out her now.

My father in law joked the other day that I would have to change the name of the blog to Four Frogs a Princess and a Pooch but think we will leave it as it is. We are so happy to welcome Lucy in to our lives and we look forward to all the adventures we will share with her.

A Puppy For Christmas


There has been a lot of excitement in the Wilson household the past few weeks with visitors arriving, school holidays and Christmas. We also had an extra little visitor for the past 10 days a little pomeranian dog named Lupo.

We had gone to a friends house for dinner a few months ago and the boys were greeted at the door by a little ball of brown fluff. The three muppets love animals and instantly took to this cute tiny dog throwing her toys for her and rubbing her belly. The dog also quickly found my lap and her owner remarked that she was never this good with strangers. As the evening went on we talked about plans for the upcoming holiday’s and how it was their first time leaving Lupo in a kennel. I suggested that she could come and stay with us. We were going to be around all Christmas and that the muppets would love to have a dog for a few weeks, plus we would have a houseful so she would never be lonely. By the end of the night plans were set and on the 15th of December we invited little Lupo in to our house for the holiday’s.

She quickly fit herself in to our family, chasing the boys arounds the house and following me where ever I went. The rule about letting her on the couch was quickly thrown out the window and the little ball of fluff sat happily watching hockey, movies or just reading with who ever would have her. She was walked by all three muppets, both grandparents and was spoilt with cuddles and kisses. She learned the muppets bedtime routine and would be on their bed ready to give kisses to each boy before bed. The other night as the oldest asked for another Lupo hug he asked me when she would be leaving us. When I told him a few days from now his face fell and he looked as if he was going to cry. “I am really going to miss her” he said with a horribly sad face. I knew how he felt, I had gotten so used to having her around that not having her happy little face greeting me every morning was going to be difficult. I gave him a hug and reassured him that we wold be able to visit her and that maybe we would dog sit her again another time.

Yesterday morning as I unpacked groceries the three muppets and their friends came through the door. I told them that Lupo was going to be going home in about an hour so they should say their goodbyes. They all sat on the carpet giving her cuddles, playing with her and her toys and telling her how much they were going to miss having her around. When Lupo’s owners came through the door she was super excited, we all said our goodbye’s and the muppets were excited about the possibility of seeing her again in a few weeks. When I put the muppets to bed last night there was no little puppy giving them kisses and hiding under the covers. “I miss Lupo” the oldest complained. I gave him a hug and told him I knew how he felt, that little dog was only with us a few weeks but she made her way in to our family and our hearts. It will be a strange few days as we get used to not having a little dog under our feet, and I can’t help myself thinking that we may need another addition to the Wilson family 😉

And That was Christmas



A few weeks ago with the count down to Christmas well underway the muppets started a new count down. The count down to Grandma and Bampi coming to visit. This is the first Christmas in a while that we have decided to stay in Doha, normally this time of year we would be on a plane before the kids were even on winter break. This year we were blessed to have visitors for Christmas we would have family with us to share in the celebrating.

The days leading up to Christmas we decorated the tree as a family, finished Christmas shopping and baked welsh cakes. Even my husbands 90 year old aunt got in on the action. My mother in law remarked that it didn’t feel very Christmassy as we sat in 25 degree weather by the pool one day. I told her that I understood the feeling and that you kind of needed to make your own Christmas here among all the sand and sun. We spent Christmas Eve with close friends, playing games and watching the kids open their little gifts from each other. I knew that it was the calm before the storm and that the next day would be madness.

Once the kids were in bed the adults played Santa, my husband brought my inlaws suitcase down the stairs and they started placing all the presents under the tree.  When they were done I commented that the kids were going to freak when they saw all the gifts. Christmas morning we had three muppets pile in to our bed at 6:30am, they waited at the top of the stairs for Grandma and Bampi to be ready to go down. As we walked down the stairs I don’t know who was more excited the grandparents or the muppets. Within a matter of minutes Santa presents were opened and all three muppets bounced between adults showing off gifts and asking for packages to be opened. We enjoyed a leisurely morning with coffee, presents and Christmas breakfast. It felt like a normal Christmas morning, something that we have been lacking since we moved here.

We joined our Doha Family at the Ritz for Christmas Lunch, this was our usual hang out for Christmas Day when we have spent the holidays here. It always involves lots of bubbly, huge amounts of food and lots of kids running around. This year most of our friends had family visiting from out of town and our huge group took up most of the out door seating and we all enjoyed the food and company. The muppets ran around with their friends shooting silly string at each other and playing football, and the kids were surprised by a visit from Santa! The middle muppet thought that the never ending amount of cotton candy was the best thing about Christmas day and the youngest was busy getting his face painted and stealing candy canes.  The afternoon ended and we made our way back to our house, everyone was coming to ours to continue the Christmas festivities.

Our house filled up with friends and kids running in every direction, guitars were brought out and songs started to be sung. There were smiles and laughter everywhere as people shared stories and jokes. The muppets and their friends ran around the compound playing in the park and games around the house. Close to midnight I rounded up all the muppets and put them in to bed, the youngest guy had passed out on the couch and the other two still had red cheeks from running around all night. I kissed them each good night and the oldest muppet thanked me for the wonderful Christmas Day. He told me that it was nice to have Christmas at our house for a change and even better to have our family here with us.

It was a different Christmas this year in Doha for us surrounded by family, waking up at home on Christmas day and having a house full of friends. We didn’t have snow or twinkling lights on every house but we had lots of love and laughter around us. I find that every Christmas out here brings new traditions and friends it is always changing but the one thing that stays constant is our little family. I am glad that we were able to spend Christmas with so many wonderful people and I hope that everyone had a fabulous Christmas Day and a Happy New Year.

Sending love from our family to yours! Xoxo