Creating With Muppets

IMG_0054When the Muppets were much smaller I had dreamt of doing arts and crafts with them regularly on weekend mornings. One morning I decided that it would be a great day to start. The weather outside was blistering hot and we had hours to kill before it was time to go to the pool. I remember I excitedly pulled out a roll of white paper and taped it to the kitchen table. I laid out the paints, brushes and water and invited the Muppets in to create. Well they created all right, one big giant mess! In the end we had paint everywhere, the paper had gotten ripped in a fight between two of the Muppets and at least one was sobbing uncontrollably. From that point on I decided that group projects were out of the question and we would stick to individual creating if we ever decided to go down this road again.

This week we have been off for Eid break, the Muppets have enjoyed building lego, skating lounging around the house and visiting with friends. Yesterday as the middle guy and I were looking at Halloween costume ideas online we came across a recipe to make dinosaur fossils. Now anyone who knows the middle Muppet knows that he is a dinosaur expert, his first word was Stygimoloch and he knew the names of at least 20 dinosaurs by the time he was two and a half. The middle boys was more than excited at the prospect of making our own dinosaur fossils and decided that today would be the day that we made them.

I called all three Muppets in to the kitchen to help me prepare the fossil mixture. They measured out flour, salt and water then took turns mixing until it was time for mummy to take over. We divided the dough in to three equal parts and they got to creating. The baking sheet was quickly filled with raptor claws, T-Rex teeth and dinosaur eggs. The youngest Muppet suddenly jumped up from his chair and saying he had a great idea ran upstairs. A few moments later he returned with his giant T-Rex, he had the idea to make a foot print fossil and the other two Muppets quickly caught on and ran to get more dinosaurs. An hour of fossil making fun later we put two baking sheets full of “bones” in to the oven to bake. The middle Muppet waited at the table watching me clean up, after about 10 minutes he asked how much longer will it take Mummy?” I told him that it would be at least 3 hours and then we would have to let them cool. His face dropped but he quickly turned his mood around and decided that this afternoon would be a great time to dig for fossils.

So while the fossils cook, my future paleontologists discuss where dinosaur bones were found and dream about discovering a new dinosaur some day. Creating with the Muppets now is a lot easier than it used to be. Not only have we killed a few hours on a hot Friday but they are super excited to see the finished project and it has inspired them to learn more about something they all love.