The Art of a Quiet War

playing_soldiers_rexWith the end of October coming next week the weather is starting to feel a bit more manageable. The Muppets are getting outside usually once in the morning for recess and then they are able to play outside in the late afternoon. When they do they still come home covered in sweat because lets face it my boys don’t walk anywhere. This month in door play in our house has been restricted to quiet play, Lego, video games and watching movies. My husband has been on nights for the past few weeks so he is sleeping during the day. Our house is usually filled with boys running around, yelling, wrestling shooting guns at each other or slashing light sabers. It has been tough on the boys not to have this freedom but it has forced them to come up with some new games and to think about the volume of their voices.

This morning I came down stairs to make breakfast before hockey and found them having a full scale nerd war. Hockey nets were set up against walls for shelters, blankets fell over pulled out couches and tables and chairs made bearers for each person. Now normally I would hear the three of them get up and there was no way that I wouldn’t know that they had a Nerf battle going on, but there they were as quiet as could be sing hand signals and whispers to communicate. Needless to say I was impressed! The oldest looked up from his hiding place under the couch “Sorry Mum did we wake you?” I smiled and told him that I didn’t even hear them and thought that they were still sleeping. He beamed at me “Good” he said “I was hoping our quiet war wouldn’t wake you up.”

It has been a long few weeks for the five of us and it will hopefully come to an end soon but it is nice to see that the Muppets are old enough to adapt a little bit better to certain situations. I will continue to enjoy the silent wars for a little while longer. Our house will soon be filled with noise and chaos once more, and to be honest I like it that way too.


What Are You Scared Of?


Our Wednesday afternoon started off as uneventful, we waited for the middle Muppet to be finished his after school activity then made our way to the mall. The middle Muppet was starting hockey that evening and with Doha traffic it was easier to spend an extra hour at the mall rather then battle the rush hour madness. We made our way to the food court and the Muppets decided where they wanted to eat, the younger two Muppets were set on McDonalds but the older Muppet and I really wanted burgers from a different place so we had to make a couple stops to collect all of our orders. As we stood waiting for the happy meals to be packaged the middle Muppet started telling me about his swimming in PE that morning. He told me about what they had to do in the pool and then he got a worried look on his face.

His friends had told him that there was a ghost in the boys change room that would hunt you down if you didn’t changed fast enough. I told him that I was sure that his friends just made the story up to scare people and assured him that there were no ghosts at the school.

We found a table to sit down at and he continued his tale, he said that his friend had seen something in the locker room and that of the lockers had a name scratched on it by the ghost. At this point he had started to cry and I could tell that he was really scared. Unfortunately my children have inherited both mine and their fathers over active imagination. Neither of us can watch scary movies without totally freaking ourselves out and a bump in the night quickly turns into an axe murderer inside my house, my brain can not help it!

I asked the middle guy if he really believed these stories were true, he said that he knew that ghosts were not real but he couldn’t stop thinking about the scary story. He was also convinced that if his friends had seen things that they had to be true. As we ate dinner I told the Muppets a story about when I was the middle Muppets age. Sometimes after school I would go to my cousins house and since he was older then us he would babysit. There was a big group boys that would play together and I had one girl friend to keep me company. On nice days we would ride skate boards down the bike path while the boys built forts in the bushes. One day my friend and I wanted to join in the fun and hang out with the boys. The older boys didn’t want us two girls wreaking their fun so they told us that we wouldn’t want to go near the fort because there were chopped up body parts everywhere. I remember my cousin and his friends telling me that there were arms and legs laying all around and knee caps on logs still moving… needless to say I was completely freaked out and couldn’t sleep for weeks! I remember one night telling my dad about it and being really worried about why no one was calling the police about these random body parts. My father gently told me that my cousins were telling me tales to keep me our of their fort and obviously  scare me.

At the end of the story the middle guy looked a little more relieved. He finished his burger and him and the oldest Muppet talked about how silly it was to think there were ghosts in the locker room. We made it through hockey and I put three very tired Muppets to bed but a few hours later the middle guy was at my door with scary thoughts in his head. I told him to crawl in to my bed and cuddle up to me and think happy thoughts. He quickly fell back to sleep but when he woke in the morning I could tell he was still worried. He told me that he couldn’t go to school today because he would be too scared to go to the bathroom by his self. At this point I was tiring of this conversation, “You know mummy works at the school right?” I said to him “Do you not think that I would know if there was a ghost in the boys locker room?” the middle guy nodded and looked at the floor, “But Mum” he started “What would you do if there was a ghost somewhere in the school?” I looked at him trying not to laugh and said “Well I would just have to call the ghost busters wouldn’t I?” A smile broke out on his face “There is no such thing as the ghost busters Mum!” he said giggling. “I know!” I said throwing my hands in the air “And there is no such thing as ghosts so there is nothing for you to be afraid of!”

He grabbed his back pack and we made our way out the door, he stopped me as we walked down the stairs. “I don’t know what to do when I have these scary thoughts in my head” he said quietly. I explained to him that he was the one that controlled his thoughts so when he had scary ones he would have to change them. I told him to think of happy thoughts, like his family, his dog and all the silly things he does with his brothers. He nodded his head and told me that he would try to do that I grabbed his had and gave it a kiss, “If all else fails” I said “just think of farts, farts are always funny!” He started laughing hysterically “You are right Mum, farts always save the day!”

With Halloween just around the corner I am sure we will have to deal with some more scary thoughts and stories but hopefully with a little help the middle Muppet will be able to turn his bad thoughts in to good ones.

A Little Bigger

11224576_10152967437936046_6634323997515435253_nThe youngest Muppet and I were sitting on the couch a few weeks ago when he asked me how many days it would take for his birthday to come. We had just celebrated the oldest Muppet turning 10 and the littlest Muppet was looking forward to his day in the spotlight. We plugged the countdown in to my phone and every day after that he would ask me how much longer it was until his big day. Last night as we watched the middle guys hockey practice the youngest Muppet bounced around happily telling everyone who would listen that it was his birthday tomorrow. As the night wore on his patience started to wear thin, he climbed on my lap and asked “How much longer do we have to be at hockey mummy, I want to get home to go to sleep to make tomorrow come faster!” I told him that it would be just a little while longer and then we would be heading home for the night. He started to play out how his birthday morning would be, what I would cook him for breakfast, how he would be the birthday boy and everyone would have to listen to him and that he would open his presents first when he woke up.

I explained to him that his Dad was working nights and we would have to wait until after school to open presents so that Daddy could be there to see. The youngest Muppet looked at me in shock and begged for me to let him open his presents before school. I told him that it would make Daddy sad not to be apart of his special day and that the afternoon was a better time to open gifts. We had hit the point of exhaustion and no amount of reasoning was going to help in this situation. He told me how angry he was at me and that it was his birthday and he could do what ever he wanted. He stomped away muttering that when he was seven he wouldn’t have to listen to me anymore. I stifled a laugh and told him that hopefully when he woke up as a seven year old that he would be a much happier person then he was at that moment.

This morning the older two Muppets had to get the birthday boy out of bed. They brought him to the breakfast table with a chorus of “Happy Birthday” and started talking excitedly about what was going to happen on his big day. After they finished breakfast the youngest Muppet came and gave me a big hug, I gave him a kiss on the forehead and asked him how it felt to be seven years old. He smiled and said “I feel good, I feel like I am stronger and even smarter. Do I look bigger Mummy? ‘Cause I feel bigger!” I giggled and told him he did look a little bigger. He gave me a big squeeze and told me that he loved me and that even thought he was seven and very big now that he would still listen to me and be a good boy.

Our youngest Muppet, the boy who wants to be bigger, more independent and is always trying to keep up to his older brothers is seven today. He has kept us on our toes, tested our patience and pushed the boundaries since the day he was born and I am sure he will continue to do so. Happy Birthday to our not so little Mr.Bean!