The youngest muppet has been counting down the days since the start of the month. His birthday has been on his mind since the middle guy celebrated his in July. As I tucked him in to bed last night I kissed his head and told him that it would be his last night as a five year old and that in the morning he would be six. He smiled and then sat up quickly, he announced to the middle and oldest guy that they had his permission to wake him up in the morning no matter how early it was because he could not wait to be a six year old.

This morning we were up early for another reason, the oldest muppet has a tummy bug and so at 5 am we were all up. The youngest got himself dressed after breakfast and went out the front door, I followed him and asked where he was going. He announced that he was going out since he was six now. I told him that it was 7:30am and he could play out in the front but he wasn’t allowed to be ringing door bells at that hour. He agreed and waited on the front step for his dad to come home from night shift.

Once my husband was home we opened presents and the three muppets explored the new toys together. He agreed that we would celebrate as a family tomorrow since the oldest guy was sick. After a while the youngest muppet asked me to show him pictures of him as a baby, he loves to see the photos of him and his brothers growing up. His father told him this morning that our lives would not be the same if he hadn’t come in to our family. Six years of fun, giggles, crazyness and never ending surprises Happy Birthday little man!


Nine and Feelin’ Fine

fruits_food_candles_birthday_cake_cakes_m24386I sat in my bedroom getting ready when the oldest muppet woke up on Sunday. He quietly crept in to the room, his brothers were still sleeping and I think like me he enjoys the quiet before the storm breaks loose (otherwise known as the youngest waking up). I picked him up and gave him a big hug, “I can’t believe I am hugging a nine year old” I said, he smiled at me his special smile and asked me about my sleep and how I was doing then he jumped on the bed and kept me company until I was done getting ready and we went down stairs together. His brothers were up by that time and the Happy Birthdays and hugs started. The youngest muppet helped me decorate the birthday boys chair with balloons and once we had breakfast on the table we did our traditional birthday breakfast photo and happy birthday song.

After breakfast we went upstairs to get dressed, the oldest was the first to be done and came in to the bathroom to brush his teeth. I soaked his head down with water and began brushing his hair, he rolled his eyes at me and I said what was said every morning “I don’t care if you like it you have to brush your hair every day” I styled it the way I liked it and moved on to the middle muppet, but out of the corner of my eye I watched the oldest mess up his hair and smile in the mirror in satisfaction. As we got in to the car he buckled in his little brother and requested I put on some music from his favorite band, it was a far cry from what he used to demand I play while we drove in the car “The Wheels on the Bus” and the “Cars” soundtrack are things of the past in my house hold. We drove listening to music, the three muppets reading their books and every so often singing the lyrics of the song that was playing.

When we got to the school I kissed and gave all three muppets high fives and watched as the oldest muppet made his way to his classroom, he had his birthday cupcakes in hand because he doesn’t need me to bring them  for him anymore. After school he was the first muppet in my office, he gave me a big hug and told me he had a good birthday so far even thought he had to write a big test. I asked him where he wanted to go for a special birthday treat after school and he instantly said Tim Hortons. The four of us piled in the truck and made our way to the mall, we sat and toasted the birthday boy with Timbits and smoothies. We finished up our trip to the mall at the toy store where the oldest muppet picked out a scooter that he had been pining over and we made our way home to have dinner with dad. At the end of the day after homework was done and showers were had we all sat in the boys bedroom and read a chapter from the book we are sharing. I kissed each of them good night and as I was hugging the oldest boy he whispered in my ear “Thank you mom for everything, I know how much you have done to make my day special” I gave him an extra squeeze and told him I loved him.

My oldest muppet is now nine years old, it is hard to believe it is his last year in single digits! I am so proud of the little man that he is becoming and love watching him grow every day. I know that their will be many adventures and Costco sized carts of groceries in our future raising three boys. Happy Birthday to the oldest muppet, here’s to being 9 and feline’ fine 😉

Interview with Mr Bean


I sat on the couch with the youngest muppet this afternoon, we were watching our usual Disney Junior shows complete with snack and Mama cuddle time. “It’s my birthday tomorrow!” He said looking up at me from his incredibly long eyelashes. “I am going to be five!” he smiled and rambled on about his presents that he was going to share with the oldest and middle muppet only and maybe mummy and I started asking him questions about how he felt about turning five and ended up giggling a lot so I thought I would share my little interview with you…

An Interview With an (Almost) Five Year Old

Mummy: So now that you are five what do you want to be when you grow up?
Little Muppet: I don’t want to grow up, I want to be small no, no I wanna be big but not grow up… maybe like Peter Pan.

Mummy: What happens if you slide down a rainbow?
Little Muppet: Oooh there is treasure, like pirate treasure, maybe I want to be a pirate.

Mummy: Why do you like girls?
Little Muppet: I don’t like girls! I like you only! Girls are kinda gross

Mummy: What do you want to drive when you grow up?
Little Muppet: A car, a race one, a fast one it has to be red… no green… no red I think.

Mummy: Who are you going to marry when you grow up?
Little Muppet: No!! I don’t want to marry… ever… EVER

Mummy: If you could fill the pool with anything in the world what would you fill it with?
Little Muppet: Garbage!
Mummy: What? Garbage? Why?
Little Muppet: ‘Cause I like garbage!
Mummy: Gross

Mummy: If you could be any animal what animal would you be?
Little Muppet: Hmm a Tiger… I mean a cheetah, no a leopard cause they run so fast and can climb trees.

Mummy: Where do crayons come from?
Little Muppet: Ummm Applebees
Mummy: How do they get there?
Little Muppet: They drive I guess, can we go to Applebees?

Mummy: Are you excited to be five tomorrow?
Little Muppet: Ya but I don’t want to be 100 or ever get married!!

Mummy: How old do you have to be to drive a car?
Little Muppet: 86
Mummy: So how old is mummy?
Little Muppet: Maybe 100
Mummy: And what about Daddy?
Little Muppet: He is 38

Mummy: When Grandma and Bampi baby sit you where do you think Mummy and Daddy are?
Little Muppet: At the zoo!

Mummy: Why do your brothers annoy you?
Little Muppet: Cause they are always kicking me in the butt

Mummy: Where is your favourite place to go?
Little Muppet: I don’t like to go anywhere I like to stay here… right here

Mummy: What is your favourite word right now?
Little Muppet: Fart! (Laughs) I just farted!
Mummy: All right this interview is over!

Tomorrow you will turn five little man and we will celebrate another year of your vibrant life. You are such a special little soul and you have made our lives incredibly interesting for the past five years! I hope you never loose your ridiculous sense of humour, your infinite wisdom about sharks and your passion and drive for life! We love you so much, happy birthday Mr Bean!



The oldest muppet will celebrate his 8th birthday tomorrow. He has reminded me every morning since the beginning of the week that there were only this many days until his birthday. When I asked him what he wanted to do for his special day he told me that he wanted to go bowling with his family and then play at the pool with his friends. It touched my heart that he really wanted to celebrate with his family which is something that we have been trying to instil in the boys every birthday.

Our biggest muppet has always made us laugh and smile, when he was learning to talk he had his own little language which his father and I had dubbed Rhyslish. He insisted that you repeat everything he said to you and if you didn’t know what he was talking about he would get very frustrated. We had to make a translation list for family members who looked after him. Although he is not the most adventurous child, he is always the first to make a new friend, join in a game and try to make you laugh. He has always loved cars, taking things apart and finding out how things work. He amazes me every day with his Lego creations, his knowledge of animals and his incredible imagination. His brothers think that he is a god and I watch them mimic his good moves and bad every day!

As I tucked him in to bed tonight he asked if I remembered how old I was when we moved to Doha. I answered him and he said to me ” I was only four Mum, that was so long ago and I have done so much since then!” I agreed with him, his life here has been one adventure after another and he has gone from my babbling spiky haired baby to an amazing young boy who makes me proud every day! Happy Birthday little man you have brought joy, laughter and surprises to our lives the past eight years and always kept us on our toes! I am so blessed to be sharing in your life adventure!

Party Firsts

Yesterday the youngest muppet went to a birthday party. This was a very big deal because it was the first birthday that only he was invited to, his brothers had to stay at home. Usually it is the other way around or all of them are invited so he was pretty pumped. He was also excited because it was one of his best friends from nursery.

We arrived at the location said hello to the birthday boy and he was off and running. They had a room full of trampolines, slides, ball pits, monkey bars, zip lines and the best part constant supervision from the employees. I don’t know who was more excited the kids or the parents. I asked Rowan if he wanted me to come with him but he replied his normal “I do it myself!” So I went and sat with the other mothers who were enjoying the child free moment.

After a half hour or so of hard playing I could see he was getting tired and was wondering around the play area a little lost so I went in to see how he was doing. “I want to go home” was all he said when he saw me. He wanted to go home and see his brothers, or go and get them and bring them to the party. He is so used to having them to chase after that I think after getting over the initial excitement of the place he realized that he was there by himself. He was no longer the independent, confidant little boy he was when we had arrived.

We sat and had a cuddle for a few minutes. I told him that we were going to play some games soon and that  there would be cake and ice cream in a bit. I asked him if he could show me his tricks of the trampoline and he was quickly brought out of his slump and enjoyed the rest of the party. We left with a huge smile and a very large bag of treats. “Good party Mama, it was awesome!”

He chattered all the way home about sharing his treats with his older brothers and about how much fun he had at the party. He was very popular when we walked through the door, the other boys wanting to know how the party was and see his treats! They are always his best friend when he has something to share. It was a special day for the youngest muppet, he got to have a delightful time at his best friends birthday and step out of his comfort zone a little bit.