The Hockey Tournament


Hockey has become a normal part of life in the Wilson household. We are at practices or games four times a week and I have become incredibly fast at putting equipment on Muppets and tying skates. This past weekend the middle Muppets team hosted a tournament for children under 9. Teams from Saudi, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai came to Doha to compete. This is the second tournament that we have been apart of since joining hockey our first one was with the oldest Muppet in Dubai and since our teams got completely slaughtered in the last one I didn’t really have high expectations for the middle guys team.

We arrived at the rink and we were given our “special passes” to enter the dressing room area. The middle guy was pretty pumped that he was the only one out of his brothers that had one of these passes. The other two Muppets had to sit in the stands while the players got dressed. The teams first game went well and even though we lost 4-0 the kids played hard and had fun. Their next game was in a few hours and I took the kids home for a rest and a snack. I think all of us parents pumped their kids full of sugar because the second game they were on fire and won the game. It was so great to see the middle Muppet smiling from ear to ear as he skated off the ice with his team.

The next morning we had a game bright and early, the game was awesome and at one point our team was winning 5-0. The team they were playing managed to come back and tie the game and in the end we didn’t know if we would be playing for Gold or Bronze. We waiting patiently while the other teams played and by noon we found out the middle Muppets team would be playing in the gold medal game! The locker room was vibrating with excitement before the final game. The middle Muppet smiled at me as I tied up his skates “You know what Mum?” he whispered “Even if we loose this game we still get second place, and we get a medal… all of us get one!” his little eyes sparkled with excitement and he grabbed his stick and made his way on to the ice with his team.

The last game was a nail biter, we scored the first goal and shortly after they scored. For the longest time it was a tied game with so many shots on both teams goals I was feeling the stress for both goalies. Near the end of the game the other team scored 3 goals and we lost 4-1 but man did those kids play hard. The whole rink cheered as medals were handed out to both teams and team pictures were taken. There were no disappointed faces on any of the players, they wore their medals with pride and all chatted happily about the game as they got undressed. When cheers for the coaches were given and goodbyes were said we found the other two Muppets and went for celebratory ice cream.

The four of us sat in the food court a family whos son played on the other team came and sat at the table beside us. The little boy and the middle Muppet acknowledged each other with a slight nod. The middle Muppet smiled at him “Good game” he said “I think the best part is the ice cream afterwards” The other boy laughed and agreed “You guys were really good” he said as he shook the middle guys hand. We sat and chatted with the family for a few more minutes and wished them safe travels. As we made our way to the car the middle guy gave me a big hug and said “Thanks for giving up your weekend to bring me to the hockey tournament, I know that it is a lot of work for you and I am so happy that I got to play” I squeezed him back my heart swelling with pride, it had been a crazy busy weekend and we had to start the week with not much of a break but it was worth it to see him enjoy himself and appreciate being there.

This will not be the last hockey tournament for the middle guy but I am so glad that his first experience was such a good one, even if the best part was the ice cream!


Three Muppets Skiing 

Three new snow suits were purchased, new gloves and ski goggles sat on the kitchen table and three excited muppets waited for our first day of skiing in Bulgaria. 

We have skied two previous years out here and unfortunately our first day skiing has always been the worst. Every year there has been frustrated muppets and husbands, tears and in one case almost divorce. I gently reminded the muppets and myself that we were going to have to practice the first day and remember the skiing skills that we acquired last year. I explained to them that they may not be on the big hill right away and that they would have to listen to their instructor. The three of them remembered their frustration at the beginning of last year and agreed that it was going to take a few days to get back to where they were at the end of last year. 

I decided that this year I would take a lesson with a friend as well. This would keep my husband and I apart for my initial remembering how to ski morning and I was also hoping he could give me a few pointers. Once we got the children in to their lesson my friend and I found our instructor and he asked us to do a run down the small hill to see where we were at skiing wise. The two of us made our way slowly and deliberately down the small but steep slope. At the bottom we met our instructor, he asked both of us how we felt with that run. We both shrugged our shoulders and said we thought it was ok. He smiled and shook his head and then said in his thick Bulgarian accent “You are both not so good skiers, you are doing so many things wrong”. We both laughed and followed him to the nursery slope, he explained that with our skills at that moment taking us to the top of the hill we would only be worried about one thing… getting to the bottom of the hill alive! I told them that was exactly how I felt about skiing at all times!!! During our two hour lesson he showed us a bunch of thing we were doing wrong and how to ski the proper way and at the end we both felt a little bit more confidant in our skiing. 

The afternoon and the following days consisted of the muppets getting more and more confident in their abilities. Everyday they were a little faster, and able to go down a different run. By the time our friends from the UK arrived they were happy to ski from the top of the hill. My abilities on the other hand had not gotten quiet as strong as my children’s. My fear of totally hurting myself held me back and I was always last down to the bottom of the run (like super duper last). I am very thankful they have a father who loves to ski as much as they do and I started to ski on my own and enjoy hot chocolate and my book a little more than the slopes. 

On our last day of skiing the muppets reluctantly put on their snow suits and climbed in to the ski van. All five of us were exhausted and if we hadn’t pre-purchased lift passes I think we would have decided to stay in bed for the morning. When we got up to the hill the muppets did their regular warm up before the instructor came. Once they were going they were happy to be out on the hill. The muppets had their two hour lesson, mummy had her two runs and two hot chocolates and Daddy was able to ski for two hours with friends, the morning was a success and when we stopped for lunch the vote was to do more skiing in the afternoon. As we loaded everyone on the ski lift the muppets talked about going up to the “big hill” they were eager to do a big run with their dad. I on the other hand had some reservations about that run. The previous day it was busy and icy and at the end my legs felt like they were going to fall off. My husband suggested that I follow him and the kids in the big snake line. “Ya mummy, you can just follow us down in the big snake, don’t worry we will take care of you. The middle muppet encouraged me. So I agreed to take the big run with them. 

Right from the start I was behind but just kept going at my own pace. As I passed the middle muppet he said “You are doing great mum just keep going”. I approached the last hill in the run and watch the oldest and middle guy make their way down. The youngest was standing beside me and his father told him to follow me down since he was going to go anther way. Then he changed his wording and told the youngest he should lead me down the hill. The youngest smiled at me and said “Come on Mummy, I will take you down with me.” I followed him slowly down the hill, “Come on this side Mummy, it is easier” he shouted. I followed his lead and we skied together to the bottom of the run. “Good job mummy, you are doing very well” he said with a smile. We met their dad at the chair lift and I decided that I was finished for the day and the four boys went off together and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon skiing. 

Our last day of skiing was as good as our first this year, there were no tantrums, no tears and no divorce papers. The muppets have grown as skiers and are officially incredibly better skiers than their mother and probably will be from this point on. I think that in the future, ski time will be spa time for this princess but we will see. With the encouragement from the three muppets I may give skiing another chance next year! 

Public Speaking

The oldest muppet has been learning all about persuasive writing this month. To finish off the unit he has to write a persuasive argument and present it to the class. The oldest muppet decided to write his persuasive argument about why he thought he deserved a dog for a pet. He told his father and I that he was going to try and convince us to get him another dog. 

After many revisions and changes he was ready to present his argument to us. As he started his speak he told me how nervous he was to speak in front of many people. I told him that I felt the same way and that even at his aunts wedding I was shaking and scared when I got up to do my speech. I told him that I had written certain things to help me along the way on my speech. I wrote things like “slow down” “eye contact” and “smile”. The oldest thought is would be a great idea for him to do the same.  

We sat down and highlighted places for him to make hand gestures. I wrote the words “eye contact” on the second page since he forgot to do that as he was practicing. I also wrote don’t forget to smile and he made some notes of his own. After practicing a few times for his father and I he felt that get was ready to do his speech in front his class. He ended up being one of the last people to present his persuasive argument. 

I wished him luck the morning of his big presentation. At the end of the school day he told me he thought he did well and remembered all of his cues and was only a little nervous. Today he brought everything home for us to review. He showed us his progress from start to finish and as we got to the end he told me that he got all 4s on his project!! I told him how proud I was of him not only for getting the 4s but for how he handled his fear of public speaking. 

The little boy who sang with his back to the audience at his first Christmas concert presented himself as a strong and confident speaker. He smiled and gave me a hug, ” I couldn’t have done it with out your and dads help” he said. I gave him a squeeze back and felt my heart swell with pride. 

Hockey Week In Doha


When we travel home to Canada in the summer time we have a long list of things to bring back to Doha. This usually includes, cold medication, certain spices we can’t get here, books, Lego and many other things that are either hard to find here or are just better from Canada. One of the main things on our list this year was hockey equipment for the Middle and Youngest Muppet. After watching the oldest Muppet play all last year they were both eager to join in the fun. I had set the date in the calendar to register for the new hockey season thinking that with jet lag and starting work and school I was sure to forget. By the end of August the three boys were registered and ready to hit the ice. The oldest was placed on a new team this year and the other two would have to have a skating assessment to see where they would be placed.

When we arrived at the rink for the skating assessment the two younger Muppets were excited and ready to get on the ice. I was a little nervous since the two of them hadn’t been on skates for a few months and they were both a bit wobbly. The two of them shuffled around the rink slow and steady while the other kids did laps around them and the oldest Muppet was out there to encourage them to keep going. At the end of the assessment both Muppets were exhausted and ready for a break. They had done really well for not skating for so long but the coaches agreed that they would both need a bit more practice before they would be able to place them on a team. They suggested a few weeks of the learn to skate classes and then we could reassess them when we felt they were ready. I agreed that it was probably a good idea but I had two very disappointed Muppets on my hands.

I told the middle and youngest boy that we just needed to practice more so that they could keep up with the other children. The following day after school with skates, helmets and gloves in tow we went straight to the mall. Public skating was scheduled for 90 minutes and I wanted to find out more about the learn to skate program. Once I got the three boys on the ice I asked about signing the two younger guys up for a few weeks of lessons. The woman at the front desk informed me that they had been full since the beginning of August and that she would call me if they had a space open up. I knew that this was a phone call that I would never receive so I looked at the public skating schedule for the week and figured I would just have to bring them myself so they could just practice. For two weeks we went to the rink every day that we could after school, the Muppets were starting to get the hang of skating a little faster and both of them had more confidence on the ice.

The following week we went to continue our “skating lessons” only to find that they had changed the public skate timing and now had figure skating and the learn to skate program in it’s place. The only time the public skate was on was in the morning and early afternoon and then at 10:00pm, none of these times were going to work for us. Frustrated I begged the coordinator of the learn to skate program to take two more kids, I assured her that they would only need to be in the classes for a few weeks before they were strong enough to join hockey. I was told that it was impossible, I hopelessly pleaded with the learn to skate people to let me teach my own kids and that I would pay them to use the ice. To say I was desperate was an understatement.

We took the oldest to hockey later that week and I expressed my desperation to a few of the parents there. I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to manage taking the Muppets to the rink across town a few times a week and maintain my sanity. Thankfully the Eid break was coming up and this meant that there would be public skating all day for at least a week. I vowed to take the kids as much as we could over the break and decided that after the holiday we  would ask for both of them to be reassessed and hopefully end my teaching children to skate madness.

The week we returned to school I ran in to one of the coaches at pick up time. He told me to bring the middle Muppet to skate with the team that Wednesday and he would see where he was at. Later that night we received an email inviting the youngest Muppet to join the Gecko team of Under 6 year olds. Since his birthday was before December 31st he was able to join that age group and I graciously accepted the spot.

Wednesday arrived quickly and after school we made our way to what was quickly becoming our third home. Once everyone was fed and homework completed I suggested to the middle Muppet that we should get his hockey gear on so that he was ready to go once the practice started. As I pulled on his jersey I noticed he looked a little nervous, I asked him if he was excited about skating in all of his hockey gear or if he was feeling a bit worried. “I am a bit nervous Mummy” he admitted with a shy smile “I am scared I will not be good enough and then I won’t get to play hockey”  at that point my heart broke for the middle muppet the last thing I wanted was for him to be disappointed again. I asked him if he thought his skating had improved over the past few weeks and he told me that he was proud of himself and that every time he went on the ice he got better and more confidant. I told him that it was alright to feel a bit scared but that if he went out tired his best and showed the coaches how hard he had worked that I was sure they would find a place on the team for him. I gave the middle Muppet a big hug and he cautiously made his way on to the ice.

At the end of the practice the middle Muppet skated off the ice with a huge smile on his face, “Mummy, I had so much fun!” he said “Hockey is great and I really want to do this again next week!” The coaches agreed that his skating had improved enough for him to join the team so now all three Wilson boys are in hockey. We travel to the rink two nights a week and we are there two days on the weekends, the security guards recognize me from a mile away and the lady at Mc Donalds knows our Saturday morning breakfast order before I say it. The Muppets absolutely love playing hockey so it makes all the running around worth it.

This year I am a mom of three hockey boys, three times the equipment, three times the practices and three times the games. I was never one that wanted to push my boys in to this sport but seeing how much fun they are having and the skills they are learning makes me glad that hockey chose them at the moment and I am sure that the Muppets will turn this princess in to a hockey Mom sooner or later.

What Are You Scared Of?


Our Wednesday afternoon started off as uneventful, we waited for the middle Muppet to be finished his after school activity then made our way to the mall. The middle Muppet was starting hockey that evening and with Doha traffic it was easier to spend an extra hour at the mall rather then battle the rush hour madness. We made our way to the food court and the Muppets decided where they wanted to eat, the younger two Muppets were set on McDonalds but the older Muppet and I really wanted burgers from a different place so we had to make a couple stops to collect all of our orders. As we stood waiting for the happy meals to be packaged the middle Muppet started telling me about his swimming in PE that morning. He told me about what they had to do in the pool and then he got a worried look on his face.

His friends had told him that there was a ghost in the boys change room that would hunt you down if you didn’t changed fast enough. I told him that I was sure that his friends just made the story up to scare people and assured him that there were no ghosts at the school.

We found a table to sit down at and he continued his tale, he said that his friend had seen something in the locker room and that of the lockers had a name scratched on it by the ghost. At this point he had started to cry and I could tell that he was really scared. Unfortunately my children have inherited both mine and their fathers over active imagination. Neither of us can watch scary movies without totally freaking ourselves out and a bump in the night quickly turns into an axe murderer inside my house, my brain can not help it!

I asked the middle guy if he really believed these stories were true, he said that he knew that ghosts were not real but he couldn’t stop thinking about the scary story. He was also convinced that if his friends had seen things that they had to be true. As we ate dinner I told the Muppets a story about when I was the middle Muppets age. Sometimes after school I would go to my cousins house and since he was older then us he would babysit. There was a big group boys that would play together and I had one girl friend to keep me company. On nice days we would ride skate boards down the bike path while the boys built forts in the bushes. One day my friend and I wanted to join in the fun and hang out with the boys. The older boys didn’t want us two girls wreaking their fun so they told us that we wouldn’t want to go near the fort because there were chopped up body parts everywhere. I remember my cousin and his friends telling me that there were arms and legs laying all around and knee caps on logs still moving… needless to say I was completely freaked out and couldn’t sleep for weeks! I remember one night telling my dad about it and being really worried about why no one was calling the police about these random body parts. My father gently told me that my cousins were telling me tales to keep me our of their fort and obviously  scare me.

At the end of the story the middle guy looked a little more relieved. He finished his burger and him and the oldest Muppet talked about how silly it was to think there were ghosts in the locker room. We made it through hockey and I put three very tired Muppets to bed but a few hours later the middle guy was at my door with scary thoughts in his head. I told him to crawl in to my bed and cuddle up to me and think happy thoughts. He quickly fell back to sleep but when he woke in the morning I could tell he was still worried. He told me that he couldn’t go to school today because he would be too scared to go to the bathroom by his self. At this point I was tiring of this conversation, “You know mummy works at the school right?” I said to him “Do you not think that I would know if there was a ghost in the boys locker room?” the middle guy nodded and looked at the floor, “But Mum” he started “What would you do if there was a ghost somewhere in the school?” I looked at him trying not to laugh and said “Well I would just have to call the ghost busters wouldn’t I?” A smile broke out on his face “There is no such thing as the ghost busters Mum!” he said giggling. “I know!” I said throwing my hands in the air “And there is no such thing as ghosts so there is nothing for you to be afraid of!”

He grabbed his back pack and we made our way out the door, he stopped me as we walked down the stairs. “I don’t know what to do when I have these scary thoughts in my head” he said quietly. I explained to him that he was the one that controlled his thoughts so when he had scary ones he would have to change them. I told him to think of happy thoughts, like his family, his dog and all the silly things he does with his brothers. He nodded his head and told me that he would try to do that I grabbed his had and gave it a kiss, “If all else fails” I said “just think of farts, farts are always funny!” He started laughing hysterically “You are right Mum, farts always save the day!”

With Halloween just around the corner I am sure we will have to deal with some more scary thoughts and stories but hopefully with a little help the middle Muppet will be able to turn his bad thoughts in to good ones.