Dinner Faces


Dinner time in our house is always interesting especially when daddy is off work. Normally if it is just the three muppets and I we will sit at the small table in our kitchen, but when their father is on days off we move to our bigger table in the main room in our house. There is no shortage of giggles, correcting of manners and telling of stories at our dinner table.

Last night we sat down as a family to enjoy home made pizza, everyone devoured slice after slice and told about their days. The oldest muppet was having a conversation with his dad while I listened to the youngest tell me something about the park. I only caught the end of the conversation but my husband had said to the oldest “Don’t make that face at me.” The oldest muppet said “Ok… how about this face” and he contorted his face in to a different one “Or this one?” and he changed again. The middle muppet joined in the fun and started talking with a crazy face, and the youngest could not bare to be left out so he started making faces just like the oldest.

My husband and I sat there looking at each other not sure if we should laugh or tell them that it was not appropriate table manners. I am sure it was not the first time that the both of us had thought “What have we created!” We laughed at the three crazy muppets and he said to me “Do you think if we had a crystal ball to look at this in the future we would have had wanted to have this?” I laughed imagining my pre-married/pre-child self watching this dinner pan out, I am sure I would have panicked!  I guess there is probably a good reason we can’t see in to the future, but I honestly would not trade my crazy muppets for anything. We are trying hard to help mold them in to strong, loving independent individuals and along the way they remind that having fun is an essential part of life and with out laughter and smiles our lives would be incredibly boring.

I guess we will not be dinning with the queen any time soon 😉


The Count Down is On

Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 6.44.50 AM

The past week has been a blur. Since we returned from Wales we have been busy entertaining grandma. She has been to visit the boys school, down to the Souqs for shopping and coffee and enjoyed a trip to the cultural village which included a tour lead by all three muppets. She was also able to enjoy the boys gymnastic classes and watch 2 Saturdays full of soccer.

This past Saturday the muppets were super pumped to have grandma coming to their final soccer match. The oldest was so excited because he knew that at the end of the game he would be getting a trophy and a pizza party. The night before the big game he said to me “Isn’t it cool that grandma gets to watch me get my first trophy ever mum!” I agreed that it was really special that she was here and that we were both looking forward to watching the last game. Well we woke up on Saturday morning to rain. Now I know most of our family and friends are still stuck in a deep freeze so I won’t complain about the weather but we are never prepared for rain in the desert. I checked my email and nothing had been sent out about the game being canceled so I went about my morning routine and dressed everyone in their soccer gear.
Three minutes before we left an email came through confirming that soccer was on so we flew in to the car and made our way to the school, as we pulled in to the parking lot my phone dinged. Another email saying that the school didn’t want the fields used under such wet conditions. Grandma made a comment that if they canceled soccer in Wales because of the rain they would never play and I laughed and agreed that it really wasn’t necessary but what could we do. The email also said that there would still be pizza parties and a trophy ceremony so to show up at the appropriate time which just happened to be different for each muppet. We soldiered through 4 hours of waiting, pizza, cupcakes and trophies. The boys were all smiles as they presented their hardware to grandma. The middle guys asked me why the youngest muppets trophy was so much bigger than his when he was the smallest. I explained to him that it didn’t matter how big your trophy was, it mattered that you had fun and tried your best to play hard for your team. He completely brushed me off and then asked the youngest to change trophies for a while.
Our last day with grandma was yesterday, everyone was feeling low as we sat at the dinner table eating our last supper together. Their father piped up trying to lighten the mood that it would only be a few more months until we got to see grandma again and all the other people that we love and miss in Canada. After dinner stories were read, hockey was played and the youngest muppet and grandma looked at google earth and compared where Bampi was vs Grandma. This morning the three muppets sat at my computer as we tried to track down grandma’s flight to see where she was. “She is flying in to Romania Mum, she is almost in Wales” said the oldest muppet. The middle guy hugged me “Soon she will be with Bampi, she probably missed him lots” I agreed that she probably did, and the older to muppets started a hockey game. The youngest was still sitting on my lap watching the planes fly around the screen. “I miss grandma, I want to cuddle with her” he said “the summer is going to take forever to come!” I gave him a squeeze and told him we would start a count down today for summer. He bounced on my lap excited as we put in the dates for our flight home. We had such a wonderful visit with Grandma and today will be a hard day not having her around. But according to the youngest muppets calculations we will be leaving for Canada in 2 months, 20 days, 15 minutes and 45 seconds!
It will be here soon enough!

A Different Christmas


When we chose to move to Doha three years ago we knew that we would be missing out on birthdays, weddings, births and of course Christmas with family and friends back home. We have had a few different Christmases since we moved to Doha and they have all been wonderful and each has been completely different. Last night (our Christmas Eve) we took the boys out for a nice meal, the restaurant was at a mall so afterward we walked around we stopped to watch young girls dance to Christmas Carols and stare at the twinkling lights of the Christmas Tree.

We arrived back at our apartment, and as the muppets showered little elves placed special pyjamas in each of their stockings so that Santa would be able to find them that night. The oldest muppet said to us all “I heard them Mum, the elves, I heard them scurrying away when we were in the bathroom.” The other two muppets totally agreed that they heard the elves and then proceeded to have a conversation about how big elves were and whether or not Yetis actually made Santa’s toys for them.

We were awoken Christmas morning with gleeful cheering from three little muppets excited that their stockings were filled with presents. The unwrapping was done in less than five minutes and they happily played with their stocking stuffers from Santa. The big present was coming later that morning. When we decided to take a trip to Singapore and Malaysia this holiday season I happen to notice that there was a Lego Land near by. The oldest muppet is especially keen on Lego (obsessed might be a better word) so I knew that they would almost explode with excitement if we took them there and I figured it would be a great way to spend Christmas Day! I was right! The Christmas spirit was in full swing at Lego Land with a huge tree made entirely of Lego, decorations everywhere, Christmas music playing and a massive life size sleigh complete with Santa and reindeer. We were all in heaven!

Our day was full of fun, activity and adventure but by the end of the day as the park was closing I longed for home for the familiar smells, sights and sounds of my Christmases past. I wondered what our family was doing in Canada, what our friends were doing in Doha and how other friends around the world were celebrating today. I stood with my family as we took one last picture in front of the Christmas tree and I realized that I had everything that I needed with me right there in that moment. My Christmas was may family, happy, healthy and so incredibly blessed. It was a Wilson Family Christmas, something different from all the other Christmases before but with one thing in common, the five of us were together. So from this Princess and her Four Frogs we hope that you are with your families enjoying this blessed day. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Dozens of Cousins


I was lucky enough to grow up hanging around with my cousins. I would chase after my older cousins struggling to keep up. What ever they were doing I would do with out hesitation even if it was riding a bike with out breaks full speed through a farmers field. I learned to climb trees, jump fences and skate because of my cousins. As we grew in to adults, we continued to stay close and soon we had children and families of our own, some moved to different parts of Canada and we of course moved to the Middle East so we don’t get to see each other as much as we would like to but we try hard to keep in touch and see each other when we can.

This weekend we made our way to my Aunt and Uncles ranch in central Alberta to visit family. It was a family reunion of sorts, it was the first time in a long time that we had all been together! We had a new addition to the family and a milestone birthday to celebrate. The muppets were to excited to see all of their cousins, and aunts and uncles. We hadn’t even been in the house for 5 minutes and the muppets were all off running around and playing games with all their cousins! They didn’t stop running around for the rest of the day except to stop for birthday cupcakes. The oldest muppet kept saying to me through out the day that he was having the most fun ever.

My cousins and I reminisced about the trouble we used to get in to when we were younger and retold stories that we had each heard a hundred times. We laughed, danced, drank and watched our kids run around with glow sticks as we sat by the campfire. The fun continued the next day after the muppets had refuelled their energy over night. By early afternoon all three muppets were ready to head back to the city. As we drove through the country side all three muppets took turns telling me their favourite part of the weekend. They all had huge smiles on their faces as they drifted off to sleep as I drove.

Cousins are nearly always our first childhood friends and no one understands your crazy family like your cousins. I love that no matter how much time passes between our visits, things are always the same between us it is a bond that will remain for years to come and I hope that it is the same for the muppets!

The Sixth Member of the Wilson Family

It is not well known but there are actually six members of the Wilson family. He is green, cold blooded and lives in our guest bathtub! The muppets have named him Kung Fu Panda but don’t be fooled he is a turtle.

We inherited the Turtle formally known as Turtley last June when friends of ours moved back to Canada. He swims in the tub most of the time but also likes to walk around our villa, a great way to get the kids off your back for a few minutes is to tell them to play a game of find the turtle.

Last week while we were watching the turtle swim in the tub, our smallest muppet noticed something floating in the bottom of the water. It was a piece of Kung Fu Panda’s shell. Everyone was suddenly panicking around me, “Mum we need to see if he is ok!” cried the oldest muppet. “He needs band-aid Mama” said the youngest. Even after trying to explain to them that he was ok and that it was normal for him to loose small pieces of his shell they wouldn’t stop worrying about him.

I went down to the kitchen where we keep the first aid kid and brought it back up to the bathroom where all three children sat looking devastated. I took the turtle out of the tub and dried him off with a towel and we began our examination. The oldest was happy to find no blood and Kung Fu’s shell seemed to be intact. He took a snap at the middle muppet because he insists on putting is fingers near his mouth so he seemed to be is normal turtle self. The youngest wasn’t convinced though and he was very adamant that he would not be better until he had a band-aid.

After going through the first aid kit to find just the right band-aid we placed it on the turtles shell. Instant relief washed over the smallest muppets face and he said to me “Tank you for fixing Kun Panda Mama”

The sixth and smallest member of the Wilson household is recovering from his traumatic first aid experience and is happy to be back in his quiet bath tub once again.